Parrsboro financial info still incomplete

dollars sign and question markThe town of Parrsboro is still struggling to provide the province with financial information that should have been filed by Sept. 30th.

The town has hired an outside expert to help pull the figures together. The province needs them for the Financial Condition Index it publishes to help citizens judge how well each municipality is managing its finances.

Parrsboro and the Municipality of Pictou were the only two of 54 municipal units to miss the Sept. 30 deadline.

Bruce Purchase, a retired financial officer with the Municipality of Colchester, arrived at Town Hall today to begin compiling the figures after the deputy minister of municipal affairs met with Parrsboro councillors last week.

At its meeting on Tuesday, Town Council authorized the hiring of Purchase blaming the missed deadline on problems with new computer software the town had purchased.

Mayor Lois Smith says Purchase will return to Parrsboro on Tuesdays and Thursdays until the reports are completed. She would not say how much he will be paid because the terms of his contract are confidential.

Meantime, she says the town is hoping to have its financial audit for 2013/14 ready for presentation to council at its meeting in March. The audit is separate from the information the province requires for its financial index.

See earlier story here.

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