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$3,200 saga, marathon of duct tape, filters and fans

In its brief 10-month history, Tantramar Town Council approved projects worth tens of thousands of dollars, but has been hung up for a full month on whether to sign off on a $3,200 grant for do-it-yourself air filters to protect … Continue reading

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Members of Tantramar council & the public invited to tour Dorchester Penitentiary

The chair of a local citizens’ advisory committee is inviting members of Tantramar Town Council and the public to tour Dorchester Penitentiary. Susan Amos extended the invitation during council’s regular meeting earlier this month. She said the tour is planned … Continue reading

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Tantramar council dismisses formal complaint against Mayor Black over election of deputy mayor

Sackville resident Les Hicks says he’s having a hard time understanding why Tantramar council dismissed his code of conduct complaint against Mayor Andrew Black. “After waiting over eight weeks for a response to my complaint, I found it disappointing and … Continue reading

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Tantramar mayor apologizes for saying town is ‘adequately policed’

Tantramar Mayor Andrew Black read a three-minute statement on Tuesday apologizing to his fellow council members for saying that the town is “adequately policed.” He referred to comments he made during the public question period at a meeting last month … Continue reading

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Tantramar council votes against releasing secret fire department report

Tantramar Councillor Bruce Phinney said he was disappointed in his colleagues last night after all but one of them voted against releasing a consultants’ report on troubles within the Sackville Fire Department. “Without reading the report, I have no idea … Continue reading

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Canada’s info watchdogs call for strengthening access laws

New Brunswick’s Ombud has joined 13 of her colleagues in calling for changes that would strengthen the public’s right to government-held information. “The culture of public bodies/institutions must be founded on the fundamental principle that information under their control belongs … Continue reading

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