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New Tantramar logo aims to showcase beauty, history & unity

Graphic designer Tanya Duffy describes the Town of Tantramar’s new logo as “a simple, clean and modern crest.” During her presentation to town council on Tuesday, Duffy added that the logo is made up of several parts that come together … Continue reading

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Tantramar waits to hear if province will come up with more $ for final phase of flood control project

The fourth and final phase of Sackville’s Lorne Street flood control project has hit a financial snag that threatens to stop or delay construction of a new aboiteau that would discharge stormwater into the Tantramar River. Town Engineer Jon Eppell … Continue reading

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Sackville protesters hear “I Grant You Refuge” written 10-days before Palestinian poet dies in Israeli air raid

One week after about 250 people gathered in Bill Johnstone park to call for a ceasefire in Gaza, the uninterrupted killing continues with more than 13,000 deaths and tens of thousands of injuries. During last Sunday’s rally, retired Mt. A. … Continue reading

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Tantramar council adds extra RCMP officer in confusing vote

Tantramar Town Council appears to have rejected a recommendation from the RCMP as well as from Treasurer Michael Beal by voting to increase the number of full-time officers in the Sackville detachment by four instead of three. In their presentation … Continue reading

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Tantramar Council ends air filter saga by nixing $3200 grant

Community volunteer and Mt. A. professor Dave Thomas says he’s disappointed that Tantramar Town Council has rejected his request for a $3,200 grant to build simple, indoor air filters that protect against COVID-19 and flu viruses as well as allergens … Continue reading

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Sackville protest calls for ceasefire in Gaza & an end to Canada’s support for Israeli war crimes

About 250 protesters took part in a peaceful march and rally in Sackville today to call for an immediate ceasefire as Israel continued its war with Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Sarah Kardash, one of rally’s main organizers, called on … Continue reading

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Tantramar pushed to sign new RCMP contract with 3 more officers for much larger town

Treasurer Michael Beal says the federal government suddenly wants to settle Tantramar’s new policing contract within the next few days. “As of Friday, an e-mail came out that indicated they would need a decision by November 10th,” Beal told council … Continue reading

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‘Black slop’ adds $173K to cost of Lorne St. flood project

Tantramar Town Council has approved spending an extra $173,242 to complete Phase III of the $5.2 million Lorne Street flood control project. During a council meeting on Wednesday, Town Engineer Jon Eppell explained that the extra money is needed because … Continue reading

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Tantramar treasurer recommends multi-year tax increases for former LSDs

Tantramar Treasurer Michael Beal is recommending property tax increases for three former local service districts and slight reductions in the former town of Sackville and the village of Dorchester. During a draft budget presentation to Tantramar council Wednesday, Beal said … Continue reading

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$3,200 saga, marathon of duct tape, filters and fans

In its brief 10-month history, Tantramar Town Council approved projects worth tens of thousands of dollars, but has been hung up for a full month on whether to sign off on a $3,200 grant for do-it-yourself air filters to protect … Continue reading

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Members of Tantramar council & the public invited to tour Dorchester Penitentiary

The chair of a local citizens’ advisory committee is inviting members of Tantramar Town Council and the public to tour Dorchester Penitentiary. Susan Amos extended the invitation during council’s regular meeting earlier this month. She said the tour is planned … Continue reading

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