Slow progress on Parrsboro’s sewage project


It’s been 15 months since Hannah Doyle, Courtney Gilbert and three classmates from Mount Allison University made a presentation to Parrsboro Town Council calling for speedier progress on a sewage treatment plant.

Since then Hannah Doyle has attended council meetings to get the latest information on the project and last night she heard some good news. The Environmental Risk Assessment has finally been completed.

“I was happy to hear that the Environmental Assessment was well on its way,” Doyle says. “That’s probably the most progress that I’ve really been that happy about.”

She also welcomes the news that the town is talking about upgrades to the existing sewer network and possible expansion of the system.

“I definitely think they’re making as much effort as they could and I’m really impressed with that,” Doyle says. “I’m happy that they are doing anything because I know there are still some towns who are not doing that.”

The town expects a report at the end of March outlining costs for the project. Under federal regulations, the treatment plant must be up and running by Dec. 31, 2020.

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