Parrsboro’s wild cats

Town Council news

CatParrsboro Town Council says it’s considering giving money to the local Trap, Neuter and Return group that is trying to control the population of feral cats.

At its meeting tonight, Town Council commended the group for providing a necessary service and said the request for funding will be referred to the committee considering this year’s budget.

Last year, TNR spent $5,295 to spay and neuter 64 cats.  It cost about $115 to spay a female cat and about $57.50 to neuter a male cat.

Spokesperson Jodi Desmarais, who has 10 cats herself, says if she had a dollar for every time a person asked her to take another cat, “I would be very rich.”

TNR is also calling on Town Council to pass a bylaw banning the abandonment of pets.

Parrsboro Creative grant

The Town has contributed $2,000 to Parrsboro Creative, the group that is trying to get artists to move here as a way of stimulating the local economy.

The group, led by Michael Fuller, has received a $15,000 grant from the province and is hoping Cumberland County will contribute another $2,000.

During tonight’s Town Council meeting, David Beattie, the vice-chair of Parrsboro Creative, said it plans to use the money to hire a director of marketing and communications on a three to six-month contract.

The marketing director would promote a venture called the Parrsboro Creative Cultural Campus, a series of arts workshops that would run from May to September.

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