Robin and Main Street in winter

Robin survives Parrsboro blizzard


Robin shelters on front porch at 357 Main St. during Sunday’s blizzard

Great news folks.

That poor robin being buffeted Sunday by howling winds and driving snow on Upper Main Street seems to have survived winter’s latest blast.

The bird took shelter for a few minutes on my front porch yesterday attracted by some rose hips. I spotted it today eating red berries on the tree outside CIBC.

I suppose it could have been a different robin, but how many robins would be cuckoo enough to stay here in winter? The website Journey North says most robins do go south for winter, but a few may stay if there’s food and water.

By the way, Parrsboro’s winter robin is about the size of the dinosaur whose tracks Eldon George spotted at Wasson’s Bluff in 1984. And, according to recent scientific theory, today’s birds are, in fact, theropod dinosaurs. The dinos are with us still!

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