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Glavine says “no” to more nursing beds in Parrsboro

NS Health Minister Leo Glavine

NS Health Minister Leo Glavine

Health Minister Leo Glavine says the province has no plans to add long-term nursing-care beds in Parrsboro. During a news conference today in Halifax, Glavine said he’s hoping changes to nursing-care waiting-list policies and improvements to home care will relieve the need for more nursing beds.

I participated in the news conference by phone and reminded the Minister that more than a thousand people in Parrsboro and vicinity signed a petition calling for more beds so that their loved ones would not end up in far away nursing homes. Local MLA Jaimie Baillie  tabled the petition in the legislature in October 2012.

Glavine answered that the Nova Scotia government’s policy is not to build more homes. “Could there be a unique set of circumstances that could cause us to take a look? That’s a different story.”

“What would people here have to do to persuade you it is a unique area?” I asked.

“I’m certainly hearing from some of the residents of your area and I have had a request from the Town Council to come up and visit and have a discussion,” Glavine said. “As I do my seniors’ tour of the province, I will certainly be tapping into the information that’s available in your community.”

Although Glavine did not rule out the possibility of more beds in Parrsboro, he stressed that improvements to home care are more of a priority for the Liberal government than adding nursing beds.

More later on the nursing care changes Glavine announced today.

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