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Sackville’s competing rallies for freedom in Bill Johnstone park

About 25 protesters from across New Brunswick brought the World Wide Rally for Freedom 13.0 to Bill Johnstone Memorial Park on Saturday while about three times that number joined a counter demonstration to support the right of LGBTQ students in … Continue reading

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‘Full speed ahead, go, go, go!’ Frank McKenna sells AI & the digital economy

Former Premier Frank McKenna is campaigning hard for New Brunswick’s public and private sectors to adopt and use digital technologies including artificial intelligence and the science of big data. At the conclusion of his two-day digital innovation summit on June 13 at … Continue reading

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NB Health dept. info shows growing shortage of family doctors

A series of numerical tables obtained today from the New Brunswick Department of Health shows that the shortage of family doctors in the province appears to have grown steadily over the last two years. The figures show that as of … Continue reading

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Confidential report recommends solutions to health-care issues such as doctor shortage, ambulance delays

A detailed, 40-page report on primary health care in the Tantramar region identifies 13 major problems and recommends specific steps to solve them by the target date of April 1, 2024. The report, dated October 2022, was compiled by a … Continue reading

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Confidential report recommends improvements in Sackville-area health services

The New Wark Times has filed a Right to Information request for a confidential report that recommends improving access to primary caregivers such as family doctors and nurse practitioners in the Sackville area. The report also calls for improving mental … Continue reading

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Councillor’s 16-hour wait in Moncton ER lends drama to meeting with Horizon CEO

Councillor Bruce Phinney’s recent 16 hour and 20 minute wait to see an emergency room doctor in Moncton gave a sense of drama to Tantramar Council’s meeting yesterday with the interim president and CEO of the Horizon Health Network. “I’m … Continue reading

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Tantramar hopes to spend $10K to help recruit doctors for Sackville Memorial

It appears that the new Town of Tantramar will continue providing financial support to help recruit the doctors needed to restore 24/7 emergency room services at Sackville Memorial Hospital. Kieran Miller, director of community and corporate services, says that last … Continue reading

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Liberals pledge support for Sackville hospital as town council hears of progress in hiring more staff

Provincial Liberal leader Susan Holt says she supports decentralization of health care so that communities such as Sackville have more say in how local clinics and hospitals are run. “There’s far, far too many decisions that are being made in … Continue reading

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NB Greens gearing up for next provincial election, Coon says

New Brunswick Green leader David Coon says his party has already begun planning for the 2024 provincial election. “One of the things we have to do a better job at communicating across the province is why we are distinct from … Continue reading

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Former councillor plans complaint to Horizon after being turned away from Sackville ER

A former Sackville Town Councillor says he plans to file a complaint with the Horizon Health Network after a fruitless six-hour wait for emergency room treatment last Friday at Sackville Memorial Hospital. “I checked in at noon at the hospital … Continue reading

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Sackville veteran calls for Parliamentary vote before Canada sends troops to deter Russia

A 39-year-old Canadian veteran says the federal government should seek Parliamentary approval before it commits any military personnel to deterring Russian aggression in Europe. “What we’re seeing today with Ukraine and Russia, this is why it’s important that we have … Continue reading

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