Sunday Hunting and Parrsboro Radio

Hunting on the Sabbath?

White tailed deer The Nova Scotia government is considering lifting the ban on Sunday hunting. That would mean that anyone with a valid hunting licence would be allowed to hunt seven-days-a week during hunting season. At the moment, only Mi’kmaq have the right to hunt on Sundays.

The government is calling on members of the public to submit their opinions on Sunday hunting by filling out a questionnaire on a government website or by phoning 902-424-7955. The deadline for submissions is midnight on Friday, April 10.

A news release issued yesterday quotes Zach Churchill, Minister of Natural Resources:  “In my travels across Nova Scotia, I’ve met various people who wish to discuss the prospect of Sunday hunting,” Churchill said. “No decision has been made but the public consultation will provide further information about how Nova Scotians feel with regard to this issue.”

Lend me your ears: the latest on CICR FM

Lend me your ears It’s official.

The CRTC says the Parrsboro Radio Society (PRS) has applied for renewal of CICR’s radio licence. The licence expires on Aug. 31st.

The PRS board of directors has not shared the news yet with the general membership, but it does plan to hold a members’ meeting on Saturday, Feb. 21 at the Anglican Church Hall, the first such meeting in 11 months.

When the CRTC posts the PRS application on its website, members of the public will have 30 days to comment. I’ll monitor the CRTC site and let you know when the CICR application appears.

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2 Responses to Sunday Hunting and Parrsboro Radio

  1. Frank Marks says:

    Hunting on the SABBATH!! Don’t we think the government has thrown that out the window. You can fish on the Sabbath, You can go buy your groceries on the Sabbath , You can go to the Tavern and drink on the Sabbath, some people are forced to work on the Sabbath. Just tell me why I should not be allowed to hunt on the Sabbath to provide food for my Family!!!!!!!

    • harvey says:

      We require more hunting free days so that we can feel safe going out in nature-= better health – lower stress levels – better quality of life.

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