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Election platform: Expand social programs, restore public services and tax the rich

  A group of New Brunswick unions and community organizations has issued a “progressive” platform for the provincial election scheduled for September 24th. The platform, released today in Moncton, calls on political parties to promise to increase spending on social … Continue reading

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Sackville town managers decently paid, but no one’s getting rich

A New Wark Times analysis of senior staff salaries shows that the town of Sackville (pop. 5,331) appears to be getting good value for its tax money and that salaries here are roughly comparable to two other similarly sized towns, Shediac (pop. … Continue reading

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Sackville mayor defends secret ballot vote for deputy, but says he won’t use that method again

Sackville Mayor John Higham says it was his choice to conduct the election of the deputy mayor by secret ballot at town council’s last meeting, but adds he won’t use that method again. “I’m concerned about the appearance of a … Continue reading

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So, does Sackville have a deputy mayor…or not?

A Mount Allison politics professor who specializes in municipal affairs says the way in which Councillor Ron Aiken was elected as the town’s deputy mayor last week appears to violate the New Brunswick Municipalities Act. Professor Geoff Martin, who himself … Continue reading

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