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Meet Chad Peters, the Tory PR guru hired to amalgamate Sackville, Dorchester & LSDs

A Moncton business consultant, who is a longtime Progressive Conservative, has been hired to create the new municipality that will include Sackville, Dorchester and surrounding communities such as Wood Point, Westcock and Pointe de Bute. Chad Peters is president and … Continue reading

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Rotary panel ponders local news drought and Irving media empire

Concerns about the disappearance of local news and the dominance of the Irving media empire bubbled up Monday when the Sussex Rotary Club held an online panel discussion entitled: “New Brunswick, News Deserts and Democracy.” “Our aim in this conversation … Continue reading

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Sackville CAO suggests journalists shouldn’t report on special meetings of council

According to Sackville’s chief administrative officer, the town does not want journalists to report full details of what happens during special council meetings usually held on the first Monday of each month. Jamie Burke’s comments came in response to a … Continue reading

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MASU says Elections NB will investigate after Mt. A. students were turned away at the polls

The Mount Allison Students Union (MASU) says that Elections NB has agreed to launch an official investigation after dozens of eligible student voters were repeatedly turned away from the polls at the Sackville Civic Centre on September 14th, the day … Continue reading

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Mt. A. prof warns that closure of Sackville’s weekly paper could have dire effects

Mount Allison University Professor Erin Steuter says the Tantramar area needs a strong local newspaper so that people can understand the many issues they’re facing rather than depending on unreliable social media posts that can sow division, intolerance and even … Continue reading

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Sackville Tribune-Post suspends publication as COVID-19 wreaks havoc on advertising revenues

The Sackville Tribune-Post is suspending publication for the next 12 weeks and laying off its staff because of a sharp decline in advertising revenues especially from businesses that have been forced to close during the COVID-19 pandemic. In a letter to readers … Continue reading

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Buffy biographer on the real world of the spirit

The author of the 2012 biography, Buffy Saint-Marie: It’s My Way, says the Cree singer-songwriter, artist, educator and social activist seemed happy to help him with his book. “She said she thought I was a good researcher,” Blair Stonechild adds, “and I … Continue reading

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Mt A. student reveals linguistic tricks of fast food advertising

A Mount Allison University linguistics student says fast food advertisers routinely use puns and creative word plays in their fierce competition for the loyalty of burger, fries and frosties consumers. In her recent academic essay on “McMarketing,” Lirah Steeves points … Continue reading

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Owens art exhibit mourns and celebrates vanishing family farms

“First and foremost, I think they’re objects of great beauty,” said Gemey Kelly Friday night during the opening of the latest exhibition at Mount Allison University’s Owens Art Gallery. Kelly, who is gallery director, was talking about the nine hand-dyed, … Continue reading

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Filmmaker chronicles her wilderness journeys on the Trans Canada Trail

Dianne Whelan is filming her adventures travelling the Trans Canada Trail partly to show it’s possible to escape the frenzy of life in the 21st century. “Almost everybody I know is suffering from anxiety or depression,” she says adding that … Continue reading

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