11 Responses to Tantramar’s $60K plan for new logo & brand

  1. Marilyn Lerch says:

    there are about 600 (rough estimate) artists in sackville who could do this over a weekend.

    • GxC says:

      We’re talking about branding. Nothing to do with “art”. Art and design are 2 totally different things. A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service or organization. I wonder how an artist would get people to feel a certain way about tantramar especially over a weekend. working on a brand is A LOT of work that requires research, especially about the audience, it can take months and cost a lot of money.

    • Alex says:

      Of course, Tantramar is not a commodity, but if we want to invite people to Tantramar for tourism, work, school, development etc than we need to communicate who we are and why we’re great. That’s where branding comes in lol. Branding also involves insuring that our logo is unique to us and is not copyrighted/trademarked by anyone. It is designing a totally unique identity that people can connect with but that one that is also simple enough that people understand. i don’t know if 60k is too much though for such a project, but this is definitely not a student art project either.

      We have great artists but I don’t know if they are educated and trained in graphic design and creating a brand and brand guide (i.e. how to format newsletters, accessibility standards for documents and presentations etc.).

  2. IndieMediaEastcoast Canada says:

    Oh look…. another exercise in spending and waste. Nothing to see here.

  3. Jim T says:

    I have done plenty of logos and word marks over the years. While working at Atlantic Wholesalers Advertising Department (Loblaws) I developed Art Work that was used in the Ontario market and here in Atlantic Canada. Logos are in fact art work finding solid base or vocal points. The cost involved for a logo is around 7,500 and if it needs a Trade Mark the legal work is around 7,500 so in my books that’s 15,000 not 60,000 all the rest is more or less fluff.

  4. Geoff Martin says:

    Art work for a logo I can understand. However, we citizens should never have allowed these municipal corporations to brand themselves. That is for the private sector, which must pretend to be something it’s not. Put public resources into creating the reality that you want to be, and let your growing reputation do the rest.

  5. Mario Levesque says:

    I like the logo Kieran drafted. Underneath it, we just need to add the slogan “Where Your Vote is Worth More Than Anywhere Else in NB”.

    • Tantramarobserver says:

      Worth more or simply living with the reality that every surrounding community wants nothing to do with a region known for its regressive views on the cultural front (thus the desire not to associate with us being that they are all francophone regions) and certainly do not want to cope with an area where a less than desirable economic situation is the norm.

  6. Chris says:

    Quite a few towns and government entities have a coat of arms that represents them:






    New Glasgow


    Tantramar could consider getting a coat of arms as a permanent visual identity for the town that’s distinct from tourism marketing. Tourism advertising changes every few years but a town — like a province or a country — should have symbols with permanence and continuity.

  7. Janet Hammock says:

    This has been a great series of comments! I loved how Marilyn kicked it off, and the comments which flowed reveal so much about how various people believe a community should be visually represented to others. I agree with Jim T who speaks about logos being art with a practical application. And “design” is certainly not a foreign concept to good creative artists! Unfortunately, some of the comments also reveal how little most folks really understand what fine artists are capable of doing. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Tantramar supported (by awarding this contract to one of them) our own brilliant local artists who, in some cases, are celebrated both nationally and internationally! Was this possibility considered, even for a moment, or did it not even enter the equation?

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