Andrew Black wins Tantramar mayoralty

Andrew Black

Sackville’s Deputy Mayor Andrew Black has been elected Mayor of the new Town of Tantramar according to results posted tonight by Elections NB.

He will preside over a council that includes four current Sackville councillors and the Mayor of Dorchester.

The three other councillors will be newcomers Josh Goguen in Ward 3 (Sackville), Barry Hicks in Ward 2 (West Sackville) and Greg Martin who was acclaimed in Ward 5 (Point de Bute).

The results in Ward 3, the former Town of Sackville, show that voters have chosen the three Sackville councillors in the running as well as Josh Goguen.

In Ward 1, Dorchester Mayor Debbie Wiggins-Colwell defeated Deputy Mayor Robert Corkerton.

In Ward 4 (Midgic/Upper Sackville), Sackville councillor Matt Estabrooks defeated his council colleague Sabine Dietz.

In Ward 2 (Westcock/Wood Point/Rockport), Barry Hicks defeated three rivals.

Tantramar Town Council will officially take office on January 1st.

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6 Responses to Andrew Black wins Tantramar mayoralty

  1. Susan says:

    I would like to commend Bruce Wark and CHMA 106.9 FM. They worked very hard to manipulate this election by targeting the competition. Congratulations to Bruce. However, he failed to get his other flakes in…he’ll have to manipulate a little harder next time.:-)

  2. Jon says:

    Didn’t all of the candidates get their time on CHMA and Wark Times, apart from the ones who chose not to participate in interviews?

    Or, by “targetting the competition” are you referring to quoting Bonnie Swift’s Twitter account before it was deleted to hide her public comments?

  3. local citizen says:

    yes, you can’t blame her complete public rejection, only 17% of votes cast, on media discrimination. Clearly, us common folk can see beyond the hysterical, ridiculous rhetoric.

  4. Tantramarshire says:

    Well done Bruce Wark — you chose to sewer Bonnie Swift at the 11th hour — your true colours on display — will you be re-published as you sometimes are with NB Media Co-Op for your ‘valiant reporting’ here?

  5. Tristan says:

    Congrats to everyone who won!

    Let’s remember, Bonnie shot herself in her own foot, no one else helped her do that. What Bruce showed us was available for any of us plebs to see!

  6. Mike says:

    Collecting and publishing someone’s public statements and tweets is plain old journalism – Wark would have offered up the same for any other candidate.

    Anyway, congrats to everyone!

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