UPDATED: Tantramar Mayoralty candidate Bonnie Swift deletes hundreds of right-wing tweets

Swift tweet endorses 2008 statement from Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre questioning compensation for residential school abuses

Sackville Mayoralty candidate Bonnie Swift has deleted hundreds of tweets from her Twitter account that express strong right-wing views including support for the continued extraction and use of fossil fuels; visceral hatred of Prime Minister Trudeau and his Liberals as well as opposition to women’s abortion rights and campaigns for racial justice.

Many of Swift’s tweets were replies to Trudeau including to his tweet on June 6th saying the prime minister was meeting with Ottawa high school students to discuss “climate change, gender equality, democracy, leadership, and other topics these young people are passionate about.”

“Topics no one cares about,” Swift replied. “Cost of living, cost of housing, inflation rates on food and gas, improving healthcare, decreased standards of living for families because they can’t afford to live here. The level of detachment this government shows for basic human needs is appalling.”

In reply to a tweet about the possible loss of abortion rights in the U.S., Swift wrote on May 5th: “And if abortions is illegal it does not impact me in anyway….I just don’t care…it’s not 1950 use birth control, tons of options”.

When Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland tweeted on May 3rd that Canadian women who care about “a woman’s right to choose need to be active, vigilant and speak out,” Swift replied: “As a Canadian woman I don’t care about this crap. I care that about all the women and single moms that can no longer afford to live in this country because of the inflation your irresponsible government created”.

CTV News tweeted on May 3 that Freeland was “deeply troubled” that the U.S. Supreme Court was considering overturning the abortion rights decision Roe v. Wade.

Swift replied: “”I am deeply trouble by Freeland …She’s a hideous human being,” adding later: “I can’t stand Freeland. Rather be run through a wood chipper than have her as my PM. I am women but she disgust me”.

In reply to a tweet on April 26th that the “biggest threat to Canadian healthcare is Conservative politicians who want to erode universality by introducing more privatization so they can eventually open the country to American HMOs who are slavering at Canada as a virgin market,” Swift replied: “Can’t happen soon enough. I was very ill had to fly to the US for treatment as the wait times for specialist here are way too long….Give us some other options because we need them”.

In a tweet on April 30th, Swift referred to the CBC as “Trudeau’s propaganda TV station.”

On April 25th, a tweet from American economist Robert Reich caught Swift’s attention.

Reich wrote: “A handful of billionaires now have unprecedented control over banking, the food we eat, the health care we can access and, now, the information we receive. This is what oligarchy looks like.”

Swift replied: “Shut up please…We couldn’t live without these people and the technologies and jobs that they have created. They are doing more to advance society that you ever will.”

On April 28th, a tweet from British journalist Laurie Penny provoked another acerbic reply from Swift.

Penny wrote: “Like many writers who aren’t straight, white, wealthy men, I’ve spent my whole career being trolled, threatened, flamed, defamed, iced out and lied about by EXACTLY the same people who claim to be all about ‘protecting free speech’ until a single woman actually speaks her mind.”

Swift replied: “I really think most people don’t care about what you have to say. They are just not that interested in this stuff. At least the white, wealthy men are creating technologies that are advancing society. The only reason you have these platforms to whine on is because they made them.”

On May 14th, Swift again defended the American rich against the prospect of President Biden raising their taxes.

“That rich are 70% of the tax base they are what’s holding the country up, they also create most of the jobs. Tax them anymore they’ll leave then we are screwed the jobs are gone,” Swift wrote.

Swift’s admiration for Elon Musk was a recurring theme in her tweets. His promise to reinstate Donald Trump’s Twitter account drew her praise.

Here is a statement e-mailed to Warktimes by Bonnie Swift at 4:09 p.m Wednesday, Nov. 23rd:

My husband deactivated my Twitter account when I was out today campaigning in Midgic, due to the online harassment coming from the comments on my sites and he was worried about my safety. There was lots of personal stuff on there. By the time I was contacted by Bruce Wark, I was unable to go back and see when the comments were made or confirm if the context was accurate. So when Bruce said I deleted it that was not true. He also asked me to confirm some of the stuff yet he posted it without me having a chance to respond.

My responses, such as my comment under the Poilievre meme where I was quoted as saying “everyone could learn the value of hard work” was missing. There were other lines missing, so I do believe some if these tweets are out of context, but how can I confirm this? I can’t.

Since I began running for mayor, I have received steady harassment and stalking online but it’s not going to break me. I’ve always been a strong woman and I will see this election out to the end.

If I was truly concerned about my social media, I would have deleted my accounts long before I ran for local office. I chose not to delete them because I live my life as an open book with nothing to hide.

The Twitter content posted was taken from a small window of my life. There was tons of Twitter content not included, like when I was a green party supporter for 10 years, or my animal welfare posts and my volunteering for wildlife conservation. What was posted, if even accurate, was a very limited reflection of me as a whole person.

I have views reflecting both left and right for the most part. I am a social liberal but a fiscal conservative. I am non partisan, having voted Green, Liberal and Conservative, it varies every year. I consider myself politically fluid across the political spectrum.

I have just as many left sided views as right but none of those were ever posted. I have to question why I am singled out to be investigated in the campaign. Whatever happens, I could author a book about women like me, who don’t fit into the Sackville status quo. I feel like the next Rima Azar. The poor women’s career was almost destroyed by cancel culture. I don’t care about the outcome of this campaign. I ran because many concerned citizens asked me to and they still want me to. I really don’t care if I win or lose. They think I do but I don’t, that’s what they don’t get.

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50 Responses to UPDATED: Tantramar Mayoralty candidate Bonnie Swift deletes hundreds of right-wing tweets

  1. Bill Carroll says:

    Thank you for sharing. I am a more informed voter than before.

  2. Marika says:

    Well… that’s a Big Dig on a bunch of issues that aren’t directly relevant to municipal politics.

    That being said, it’s always good to know more about candidates, and it makes me MORE inclined to vote for her, because she clearly isn’t a “system” candidate like the others.

    • Doris says:

      All very well to have strong views and all that. It’s her right to believe what she believes – but does Swift need to be so rude and aggressive? Not classy.

    • Geoff Martin says:

      Thanks Bruce for your thorough reporting. Not a “system candidate”? She is a candidate of big oil, rural sacrifice zones and the culture wars, the “system” of Canada’s conservative premiers. Her previous comments on fracking were a hint. Seems relevant to the new town of Tantramar.

    • C says:

      Her views on privatizing healthcare when the provincial governement is already trying to shut down our hospital and her views on First Nations when the municipality includes Fort Folly aren’t directly relevant?

    • Alexandra says:

      She definitely is for a different kind of system – you don’t think oil companies and oil investors aren’t part of a system?

    • Wayne Feindel Puppet of the People. says:

      Frankly I don’t give a tweet: so long as the mayoral candidates engage the citizens once elected and become the voice of the citizens through the council.There is no bigger rudness than what successive proviincal governments have done to New Brunswickers. You live in a province with a disorganized government s controlled by organized crime . (UN observer Bowser at MTA) I speak from personal experience when I say not many politicans in Fredericton even know where Tantramar is unless they smash your communities and grab your taxe revenue. Our MLA can speak to that. Well, at least the run up to the election isn’t boring. Just remember that your concerns do not amount to a hill of beans as far Minister Allian that was happy do this dirty Job for Higgs. I cringe because I have been a fiscal conservative for a long time. Premier Higgs I thought we could do better.

      • Alexandra Tome says:

        she already has deleted comments when folks voiced their concerns, and dismissing these concerns by labelling them as “attacks”. People have a right to know how a potential future mayor thinks about these topics – are they accepting and tolerant I think is a very important quality since a mayor or any politician will be representing multiple people. To me deleting comments and dismissing concerns does not demonstrate or show someone who is willing to engage citizens

  3. Jeff says:

    So this is a far left rag after all .!!! Heaven forbid we objective reporting in this town🙄

  4. Alexandra says:

    It all really concerns me greatly

  5. dave epworth says:

    Transparency eh?

  6. Theodore Trenholm-Estabrooks says:

    Some parts are more or less mundane conservative factory settings, many others however are deeply troubling and wild. Good information to know. Thanks, Bruce.

  7. Mike Brown says:

    These aren’t even the most troubling ones. Besides her open disdain for indigenous people, her love for big oil and fracking, she also openly laughed at women’s loss of reproductive rights and called people’s ability to define their own pronouns “woke lefty shit.”.

  8. marc says:

    It will be very interesting (and instructive, perhaps?) to see whether and how Ms. Swift responds to Bruce’s information.

  9. Sylvia Morice says:

    Thank you Bruce for your reporting…I’ve had some concerns about her as a mayoralty candidate and this article has confirmed to me that my ‘spidey senses’ were correct and I should heed them. She definitely won’t get my vote.

    • Marika says:

      Do you have ‘spidey senses’ about Shawn Mesheau and Andrew Black voting to cut the pay (and medical benefits) of Councillor Phinney because… I guess officially it wasn’t because they don’t like his views, but what was it about, again?

      Do you have ‘spidey senses’ about how many of the “system” candidates are involved with EOS EcoEnergy, and how close the links between that and the municipality are?

      Any ‘spidey senses’ about the AIL pipe plant approvals and Mesheau’s brother’s involvement in it?

      The other thing I’d say is that most of her views are, whatever one may think of them, irrelevant to municipal politics – I imagine that that’s why she removed them. I don’t actually care what my mayor thinks about an issue of federal competence. I care what my mayor thinks about… local issues.

      This whole kerfuffle detracts from that, and to me, that’s the real problem here.

      • Mike Brown says:

        Do you not think that healthcare matters with our hospital already in dire straits?
        Do you think someone that is pro-fracking cares about the quality of municipal water?
        Do you think someone that is openly anti-LGBTQIA+ and racist towards indigenous people should be leading a municipality full of impressionable youth that contains an indigenous reserve?

        Her views are VERY linked to her ability to serve ALL people in Tantramar, it’s pretty clear she won’t.

      • Wrayton says:

        Merika, my ‘spidey senses” have me thinking you and Bonnie are one and the same. That aside, if these positions are at all defensible, why delete the tweets?

      • Tristan says:

        Yikes. You’re joking right? They’re not irrelevant to municipal politics as this is a municipal election, and a municipal candidate. It shows what her character is. It’s sad to see someone defending her actions, let alone a woman. I would never want her in public office, let alone the mayor lol. But you do you girl.
        Maybe she’ll bring fracking to tantramar? wouldn’t that be fun. I hope it doesn’t wreck her well water that she’s so concerned about.

  10. Peter says:

    I now regret and recant my initial support for Ms. Swift on this blog. The person I believed to be responsible based on her issues statement for the post of Mayor of Tantramar township appeared to be articulate and sensible. Now I learn she is a potty-mouthed conspiracy theorist raging about absurdities that are the farthest things from being worth arguing about. She is clearly not a politician and knows nothing about the value of guiding any government entity through difficult times. Trumpist of the worst kind, I’d say. it will all fall out in the end: the trickster tricked is an ages old comedy.

  11. Rob says:

    “I am the next Rima Azar!” Lol. Is she sending the Bat Signal to J. Peterson and the troll army? Lemme guess? Next, a Go Fund Me campaign?

  12. Mike Brown says:

    Her response is nothing but lies –

    Her saying there’s a line cut off from the tweet about everyone needing hard work, that’s a lie:

    Her twitter is not “deactivated” or even made private, she just deleted all of her tweets.

    You can go here and see all of her archived tweets:

    None of them are personal, or remotely left leaning, everything is right wing vitriol.

    She has only been on twitter since 2017, her archived posts start in 2019, and during no point during the time archived was she remotely left.

    She calls herself a “social liberal” but expresses open hatred/disdain for the LGBTQIA+ community and open transphobia. She laughed at Roe v Wade being overturned and says she’s not impacted by abortion rights so she doesn’t care.

    She refuses to denounce any of these views.

    • Mike Brown says:

      For the sake of transparency, I was able to locate a different tweet, made at a later time, that said “everyone can learn the value of hard work” but it was not part of this original tweet.

    • Marika says:

      Clearly, her views are a problem for you. That’s fine. You can vote for one of the other candidates, that you could consider what’s wrong with them also, and you might find that they’re worse overall – even from your point of view.

      They’re not a problem for me. Most of them are irrelevant to municipal issues, but I don’t have a problem with any of them anyway.

      That’s right, there are those of us out there who don’t actually have a problem with it, shocking as it might seem to many of you. Maybe we even agree with many of these statements. And we vote too.

      • Mike Brown says:

        That’s great, I welcome you to vote, that is everyone’s right. Though it’s woefully uninformed if you think ANY of these things are irrelevant to municipal politics.

        We have a hospital here that is in desperate need of advocates to help push the province to properly fund it. Someone who thinks we should just open private, for pay clinics instead won’t do that.

        We have a reputation as an open and welcoming community – that goes away if your mayor is openly transphobic and says that gender identity is “woke lefty shit”.

        Go vote, but maybe encourage your candidate to stop being a coward and actually acknowledge their own leanings rather than hiding behind false victimhood.

  13. Wayne Feindel Puppet of the People says:

    The still born Town Tantramar the home of the tattlers. Bruce Wark has to be commended for providing a platform for fostering the free exchange of ideas. This new community if it is to survive, will need to recognize that diversity of opinion and background is one of the few fundamental strengths of any community. It is sad that an old man in his dotage should have to enunciate to the new generation that our citizens, the members of our new town have the freedom to espouse and explore a wide range of ideas. Freedom of Expression means to welcome rigorous debate, discussion, and even disagreement. Of course, from time to time, this will cause discomfort. So, use this platform to write, listen, challenge and learn, without fear of censorship.
    Someone observed that this Mayoral candidate isn’t a politician. That might be a good thing. Incidentally candidate Swift failed to tell you that her siblings are multiethnic having an adopted member of colour. This one put a smile on my face. The candidate works for big oil. Last time I checked it was to conduct environmental studies that citizens claim they want.

    • Marika says:

      It’s often the case that those living the life that the commentariat promotes (i.e., having multi-ethnic siblings, doing environmental studies, etc.) have views that are at odds with the views of the commentariat.

      Members of “marginalized ethnic communities” also often tend to have views that are not programmatic. Because, guess what, they’re people too…

      Reality has a way of making people much more nuanced than the commentariat would have it.

    • Mike Brown says:

      Oil and gas companies employ cronies to rubber stamp projects. Someone that comes in saying that fracking is safe despite decades of proof to the contrary loses credibility.

      You are welcome to have differing views on things, I welcome open, reasonable debate. Hate speech is not an opinion, this isn’t the US where free speech has no boundaries. As Canadians we subscribe to the Charter, and the Charter does not protect hate speech.

      Nobody censored Bonnie but herself. Simply showing her own words is not an attack, it is informing the public. In deleting her tweets and continually lying, saying that they’re simply being “taken out of context” she is doing herself and everyone that was considering voting for her a disservice.
      The ethnicity of her family has nothing to do with her open disdain for indigenous populations in the things she says and shares, which is of even more concern given the fact that Fort Folly falls within the boundaries of the Municipality that she wishes to represent.

      • Tantramarshire says:

        Fort Folly has nothing politically to do with the rest of the Town of Tantramar because they are self-governed and probably look at us with amusement and confusion at times…. why can’t we all just get along and enjoy a collective property ownership like they do there? Don’t worry — that’s the punchline and its coming sooner than you might think Mike.

  14. This candidate has regularly deleted her own statements and commentary on her Facebook candidacy page, as well as the legitimate questions and comments from others. Taking regular screenshots seems the only way to keep track of what she says (and presumably believes). Although she says the term “attack mobs” was used by a supporter, she apparently endorses it to describe legitimate investigations and questions by those seeking information before voting day. In one case, she referred to someone who raised questions about her own statements and background as “an online nutcase”, using (and then deleting) his name in a public post, which seems about the most effective method I can think of to raise an actual online attack mob. Her response on the candidacy page to this article was to decry “cancel culture” and compare herself to Rima Azar and one of “women like me who don’t fit into the Sackville status quo.” Victimhood all around despite her attacks on other individuals and groups and views, all of which is very reminiscent of the tactics used by a certain presidential candidate to the south of us. In any case, it’s a bit disingenuous to declare oneself a proponent of “openness” and “transparency” and then refuse to take ownership of your own statements. Taking the step of ownership would at least signal to those voters with similar views (and there are some) where to put their X. All of that being said, the candidate declared in this morning’s CHMA interview that she really doesn’t care if people vote for her, so I’m not sure why they would. She apparently has little interest in representing anyone’s views, including her own.

    • Susan says:

      Every time I read this I want to vote for Swift. I never seen anyone attacked or online trolled like this. Why would she care? Look at how you have all treated her. It easy to criticize people at the keyboard at least she had the courage to run, regardless of the collective nastiness in this town.

  15. Tantramarshire says:

    Opinionated women in their 50s are a real problem for this town of think-alikes.

  16. Marie says:

    In the words of the great Dr. Rima Azar:

    “Who are we to judge and attack any of her (past) ideas on any topic related to another level of governance (i.e. federal in this case)? She is free to have any opinion at any particular time, like all of us. As a citizen, she is also free to change her opinion or to be right or wrong. She is FREE even in a society hijacked by political correctness in collectively insane times.”

    It’s no small task to put yourself out there, and then to be subjected to a lunch mob. Dr. Azar wrote a beautiful blog, defending Bonnie and advises us to readjustbour focus. It’s well worth the read. Do I agree with the tweets? Not necessarily, but that’s irrelevant. Dr. Azar expresses herself much more elegantly thank I can. Her words are healing and full of love. Well worth the read ❤️


    • Mike says:

      Imagine saying “The great Rima Azar” about a woman who was suspended without pay, in part, because of her openly racist views.

      Mt. A student union was super disappointed in the lack of transparency in her settlement.

      • Marika says:

        Do you have any backup for your “openly racist views” statement? That’s a pretty hefty accusation in this political climate. Surely if it’s “open”, you’ll be able to point to something. We await.

      • Mike brown says:

        Yes Marika, if you click the link in my previous article, that article links directly to her blog posts in which she denies the existence of systemic racism. Her blog has many posts along similar topics… That is why she was suspended without pay.

      • Marika says:

        Thanks for the explanation Mike.
        I now see that according to you “denies the existence of systemic racism” = “openly racist”. That’s why I didn’t understand what you meant.

        I’ve never conflated the two before, and I suspect that many others don’t either, so my suggestion is that you make it clear that that’s how you define it when making such a loaded accusation in the future, because many of us view the second as a big problem, but the first as an opinion on society.

        Failing to do so will result in many making assumptions based on your “openly racist” statement, with these assumptions unintentionally matching your values instead of their own.

  17. Susan says:

    Why is Wark not trolling other people’s accounts like he did hers? This is disgustingly bias journalism. He should just come out and say I support Andrew Black and Sabine Dietz. Or see how I can interfere with this election, so my candidates win. I’ll be voting for Swift now for sure so will all my family and friends. Her account was up there the entire time before the attacks started she wasn’t hidung anything if she was concerned she would have deleted this when she entered the race she didn’t. All the stuff she spoke to, if this even this is real, is regulated at the federal level. Who cares if she is a Conservative or a Liberal. I read her platform and it what we need best one out there yet. I will not be voting for Dietz and her climate change mafia. Climate change only matters to her when she funnels money to EOS. I liked Swift’s platform on climate change much better way more practical. Maybe you should all learn how to read platforms rather than tweets.

    • Mike Brown says:

      It’s not biased journalism – it’s just journalism. I went through the others, Shawn Meshau has no public twitter, Andrew Black’s twitter is all about local issues – no blatant racism and transphobia on either.

      Bonnie’s “climate change plan” is designed for Alberta, not here. She has no plans for prevention, only remediation. Also, she thinks fracking is safe, because she’s a shill for oil and gas.

      There are no “attacks” – unless you consider simply showing people how openly racist and transphobic she is using her own words an attack..

  18. azi says:

    If someone is deleting her past comments (too bad that she is doing that by the way) it is because of how society will judge them. And who are we to judge anyone (as Rima wrote)? If one does not like someone else’s idea, they have a choice to discuss it with the other side or educate that person, or ignore them,…. I do not understand how attacking someone with a different idea is OK, but their different or radical ideas are not.

    Aside from that, I personally have more respect for those who are transparent (with whatever idea they have) than backstabbers. Especially those Sackville councilors who attacked their fellow councilor and removed him from his right (health insurance benefits). Not only that, they often hide behind closed doors (as I am sure they are afraid to show their real face). And when they are exposed they come out pretending that: Oh, I didn’t mean it, where is my dictionary? oh, I didn’t think it meant that,…

    What a shame!

    • Mike Brown says:

      The difference here is that the ideas that Bonnie was putting forward are discriminatory and exclusionary. You do not need to be tolerant of intolerance.

      Had Bonnie run as a PPC supporting conservative that would be one thing, one would expect these views from that person. But she painted herself as a “social liberal” and then called anyone surfacing her own words to the contrary as an attack and hid behind this false victimhood rather than ever actually addressing her views. It is the complete lack of transparency and the lies about her true nature from the candidate claiming to be running as a voice for transparency in government – it is that hypocrisy and deceit that is the problem.

  19. In response to the share’s of Dr. Azar’s blog post above:
    “If Qatar/FIFA managed to have Palestinian and Israeli soccer fans on the same airplane, why can’t Sackville (or Tantramar now) learn to respect politicians and political candidates for Mayors of all spectrum and ideas?” asks Dr. Azar in the quoted article. Because there seems to be a great number of people the candidate doesn’t want on her airplane would be my reply. It seems more apparent by the day that her flight is fairly exclusive.

    “Why are we attacking Ms. Bonnie Swift like this? Why can’t we just not vote for her, period, end of the story like in any democracy?” she continues.

    We can, I say. Whoever wants to do so is absolutely free to do that. But they should be clear on who and what they’re voting for. This candidate has been evasive to say the least. She describes herself as a “social liberal but fiscal conservative”, for example. Does anyone actually see a post or reference or quote in her online statements or posts that reflects something even remotely like a “social liberal?” I’d be glad to see it if anyone can provide some evidence.

    “She is FREE even in a society hijacked by political correctness in collectively insane times.” says Dr. Azar.

    Yes, certainly she is FREE. Although I would call the times we live in “polarized” rather than “collectively insane” since “politically correct” tends to be a red flag term from a particular side of the political spectrum. Also FREE: political discourse which questions or comments on the statements, past or present, made by a political candidate, municipal or otherwise.

    “Bravo to her for using her political brain and for having a spine too.” Bravo to Ms. Swift for running, yes. Not so much “bravo” for emulating the tactics of right-wing politicians to the south of us who have turned political matters into a culture war.

    “Why can’t we have healthy and inspiring public debates anymore? Why don’t we value diversity of (political or intellectual) opinions anymore, ironically in a town, province, country, and world that brags about pro-diversity?” asks Dr. Azar.

    We can! And we should. At least part of the problem has been that this candidate disavows her own statements, suggests openness to opposing ideas without providing any past or present evidence of such, distorts her own contributions to issues that many care about, and often resorts to very divisive language and sometimes personal attacks herself while claiming she is only one subject to this. Is she running as a victim of this “politically correct” culture you speak of or is she running as an advocate for the very ideas she has espoused and then half-disowned? People should know who and what they’re voting for and then feel free to go right ahead and vote. In the case of this particular candidate, that vote seems so far like one in favour of the exclusion of far too many people and not something that would benefit a budding new community which will hopefully be inclusive and respectful. That way, we won’t end up living in a place where people use terms like “woke lefty shit” on our twitter feeds.

  20. Rob says:

    Azar’s defense of Swift (and Swift’s enthusiastic sharing of it) is merely confirmation of Bruce’s reporting (and the other information circulating about Swift and her views elsewhere on social media).

    Swift claims she ‘doesn’t care’ if she wins…well that’s good, cuz the community that elected the first-ever NDPer to the legislature and the second ever Green is not very likely to elect her…which is, I guess, likely why she was attempting to hide her ideas in the first place.

    And really, the attempt to obfuscate is why this is a big deal. I don’t think anyone would be all that bothered if a conservative candidate ran for mayor as a conservative. If that person were up front and honest about their views and didn’t attempt to hide them using empty platitudes, then that person might have had a fair shot.

    But, it seems Bonnie Swift is not that person.

  21. Allan says:

    Swift was a likely a Liberal like me until you guys moved the goalpost and became the far-left extremist you are. Being politically fluid in this environment only makes sense when one side of the political spectrum has completely and collectively gone nuts. I have deep respect for that.

    • Bob Ripley Ibbitson says:

      Okay what was the far left extremism? What is in the spot you said the goalpost was moved for? Show your work, back your claim friend.

      Because any standard observer will see her being anti-lgbt+, transphobic and shilling for the hard right wing.

      • Bob, you may be interested in these data from the USA but I am sure they are reflective of Canada as well. — “From 2012 through 2021, right-wing extremists were responsible for an estimated 75% of all extremist-related murders, compared to 4% attributed to left-wing extremists.” & “According to an analysis of terrorism-related deaths in the United States since 9/11, just one death in that time period was attributable to far left-wing extremist terrorism.”

  22. Susan says:

    I will be voting for her. I don’t care she is Conservative or Liberal at the federal level because it has nothing to do with her platform and our local issues. I care that she has the brains to get us through this amalgamation.

  23. Larry Black says:

    I was born and raised in Middle Sackville and graduated from Mt. A a long time ago (1958), and never heard opinions such as those expressed by Bonnie Swift and her supporters. I keep abreast of Sackville affairs even though I have lived in Quebec and Ontario for the last 60 years. Maybe I missed the influx of Donald Trumpites (Polievre et alia) to the Sackville area, and am glad I did. She is free to express her opinions; I am free to say that they disgust me.
    Larry Black, Ph.D., retired

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