Supporters donate to restore Coun. Bruce Phinney’s lost pay

Councillor Bruce Phinney

Several Sackville residents have contributed $1,461 so far to a GoFundMe campaign for Town Councillor Bruce Phinney.

The money is meant to replace the salary he is losing after his fellow councillors suspended his pay for two months on the recommendation of an outside investigator.

According to Phinney, Trisha Perry of the Saint John consulting firm Resonance Inc. called for the two-month suspension after finding he violated Council’s Code of Conduct by making unsupported comments about the town’s hiring policy as well as arguing that university students from outside the area should vote in the places they come from.

“I saw a comment where someone said if there was a go fund me they would support it and three others agreed so I thought why not let’s see what we can do to help Bruce,” says Wendy Alder who launched the campaign earlier this week.

“I feel that other councillors have made comments equivalent or worse than what Bruce said and don’t feel that he should have been sanctioned,” Alder added.

“I also don’t feel that council should be able to take pay away from a peer and then expect them to still have to work, that’s not legal in the workforce.”

Alder set up the campaign with a goal of raising $1,300 — a goal that was soon exceeded.

In her summary on the GoFundMe website, she wrote that Phinney himself, who is visiting family in Alberta, had no idea what she was doing to help him.

“Bruce has always been approachable even on topics that we may not agree upon,” Alder writes.

“He always feels he is looking out for the best interest of the Town residents.”

In an apparent reference to Wendy and Kelly Alders’ unsuccessful attempts to get town approval for a fast-food drive-thru at the Ultramar gas bar and convenience store on Cattail Ridge that they once owned, she wrote:

“Bruce supported our business when we lived in Sackville and was supportive of changes we tried to do to bylaws. As such, I’d like to support Bruce.”

To visit the Bruce Phinney GoFundMe page, click here.

Note: Under Section 15 of the Council Code of Conduct, Phinney may be prohibited from accepting the GoFundMe donations, although that’s far from clear. Under the heading, “Gifts and Benefits,” the Code says: “No Member shall show favoritism or bias towards any vendor, contractor or others doing business for the Town. Members are prohibited from accepting any fees, gifts, gratuities or other benefits.”

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13 Responses to Supporters donate to restore Coun. Bruce Phinney’s lost pay

  1. Mike Gallant says:

    An admirable effort but Bruce as an elected official, would land in more trouble if he accepts this money. Perhaps each of the other councillors could be equally assessed a reduction in pay for the cost of this frivolous use of a poorly designed Code. It’s all part of the larger social movement of silencing dissent, to cancel people and stamp out nonconformists.

  2. Kata List Productions says:

    Well played Wendy Alder – totally love this action in support of Bruce Phinney – he is the only soul on that council I have any interaction with because he is a man who believes in God and in justice.
    I gave him a gift for $20 to the Painted Pony a while ago to say thanks for all he does — I like to see good people get a little reward for their efforts against the machinery around here. Thanks Bruce Wark — you deserve a gofundme for your ongoing efforts here – hopefully they don’t slap you with a ridiculous lawsuit to muzzle you — if they do — get in touch and we’ll talk some smack my man.

  3. Susan says:

    There were other concil members who have said way worst things in the past so this is just a personal attack on Bruce because someone got their feelings hurt. Most people would agree with what Bruce said anyway and that is absolutley no reason to stop his pay. The consulting firm made a bad very decsion, what Bruce said was nothing. It wasn’t like he was making strange comments infering women are chattel. I saw way more online anger over that, but Bill Evans is still there.

  4. Bonnie says:

    I am very glad to see Bruce get this, it’s even a raise from what he would have gotten from the Town. I gave because whenever I had an issue Bruce would listen …he couldn’t always change things he’s only one councilor, but he’d listen and listening to the citizens you represent seems to be a lost art.

  5. Wayne Feindel Puppet of the people. says:

    The best encouragement and thanks you can give someone like counsellor Phinney is to ask that counsellor to run again and at the ballot box vote your approval. That is the best Gift . The privilege of serving you is the greatest gift..

  6. Tim Reiffenstein says:

    There is this notion that Bruce Phinney is the only councilor that listens to constituents. That’s just plain wrong.

    • Kelly Alder says:

      Well he’s the only one that was ever honest with us on issues. I can guarantee you likely think Evans, black and butcher are all the truth tellers. BS. And don’t bother arguing about the others as they all follow along like sheep.

      • Mike Gallant says:

        Finally. Some one else seen this. On the previous council the “three” voted the same way every time, on every issue, on every vote. Funny how that happens.

      • Tim Reiffenstein says:

        Kelly: You can tell? Really? What about the other councillors you didn’t mention (who also voted with Evans, Black and Butcher to uphold the rules….)

  7. Kelly says:

    Like I said Timmy. All sheep! Please read my whole response.

    • Tim Reiffenstein says:

      Kelly: I can think of other jurisdictions where elected representatives think they are above the rules, and the ___________ who egg them on with about the same ignoranace to civility as you seem to possess. Calling folks who don’t agree with you sheep? We’re all impressed.

      • Kelly says:

        Thankfully I don’t think like all you upper class educated types. My kind that exists for menial labor and to be subservient to your class appreciates the type of elected official that can at least speak for the less valuable, like myself. And as you’ve not grasped the sheep I spoke of are the remaining councillors that I didn’t name, not those who voted differently in municipal elections. If you were to watch council meetings you would see the 7-1 votes 99% of the time.

      • Percy Best says:

        Well Tim, I do think many of the ‘APPROVED’ stamping councillors have been overly submissive to the CAO. I’m sitting here on the edge of my seat wondering if indeed the ‘current’ CAO will become our new Higgs appointed CEO in charge of perhaps 5 Entities and their corresponding CAOs? One never knows what deals are being worked out behind Daniel Allain’s closed door sessions.

        Scarry thought indeed.

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