Opinion: No future in fossil fuels, Trudeau should act now to protect workers

By Vallie Stearns-Anderson

Dear editor,

In response to US President Biden’s decision to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline, economist Jim Stanford made an interesting statement. Stanford said: “it is now undeniable: fossil fuels will disappear from most uses in the foreseeable future. And fossil-fuel industries will never again be an engine of economic growth and job creation in Canada.”

This is something that the climate movement and Indigenous land defenders in Canada have been saying for a very long time but, now, we’re hearing it from economists too.

For some reason, however, the message still hasn’t reached Prime Minister Trudeau and politicians like Jason Kenney who remain convinced that there is a pathway toward building this project.

Instead of trying to save this doomed pipeline, maybe Canadian politicians should get to work in service of the workers they claim to support. In the 2019 election, Trudeau promised to deliver a Just Transition Act that would support workers through the transition to a green energy economy with new jobs and retraining programs. It feels like this would be a good time to follow through on that promise.

Vallie Stearns-Anderson
Sackville NB

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