Mount Allison releases donor agreements for new Frank McKenna school

Frank McKenna speaking about his donation on Sept. 25. Photo: Mount Allison University

According to documents obtained by The New Wark Times, Frank McKenna’s recently announced $1 million gift to Mount Allison University will not give the former premier and TD Bank executive direct control over the school that will bear his name.

Late last week, the university released agreements signed by McKenna and eight other donors in response to a Warktimes request under New Brunswick’s Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (RTIPPA).

The request for information was filed after the university announced in September that the McKenna family and other inaugural founders were contributing a total of $5 million to convert an existing Mt. A. interdisciplinary program into the Frank McKenna School of Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

The new school is expected to be officially launched next year.

A clause in the agreement with McKenna and other donors says that all decisions about how the money is spent rests with the university.

A second clause states that donations will “not, in any way, compromise Mount Allison University’s mission and vision, constrain academic freedom on campus [or] contravene a policy of the University.”

The agreements indicate that donations will be used to establish the school and support its goal of fostering travel and international study, student internships and access to “mentors, professionals and experts from the public and private sectors” as well as fund an annual speakers’ series.

The agreements also mention the goal of “developing entrepreneurial thinking of students studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics.”

The university has blacked out the amounts of donations as well as the signatures and addresses of the donors.

The three-page agreement with McKenna shows that his donation will be split into four parts with installments due on April 30 this year and on April 30, 2021, 2022 and 2023.

Under a clause with the heading Change of Purpose, the agreement states:

It is understood that the Gift is made voluntarily, and that the University is the owner of the Funds. It is further understood that the University can make changes in the use of the funds, in keeping with the spirit and the general intent of any gift. Where possible the University will first consult with the Donor or their representatives.

To read the university’s agreement with McKenna, click here.

The agreements, covering the period from March 12, 2018 to September 28, 2020, include eight other donations with the amount of each one blacked out.

The donations were made by: David and Lynn Loewen, Francis McGuire, Annette Verschuren, Craig Noble and Krista McLeod, Brookfield Partners FoundationThe John and Judy Bragg Family Foundation, Clark Family Foundation and David and Betty Jo Booth.

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