Setting the record straight: Why PA candidate refused to be interviewed

PA candidate Heather Collins

The People’s Alliance candidate in Memramcook-Tantramar has given her version of events about why she declined to be interviewed as part of Warktimes election coverage.

Heather Collins was responding to my post to the Facebook group Sackville NB Community Concerns explaining why I would not be interviewing her for an election story.

“I’m sorry but I have to correct this message,” Collins wrote. “I actually told you I wasn’t available because I’m dealing with a house fire we had and lost our home and my husband had a heart attack and I’ve been taking back and forth to Saint John hospital for appointments and testing. Also going through heart attack recovery classes. Never did I say I was to busy to do an interview. Just wasn’t focused enough at that time.”

However, a transcript of our exchanges on Facebook Messenger beginning on Saturday August 29th tells a different story.

It shows that Collins appeared to agree to a telephone interview on Sunday, August 30, but then after receiving the e-mailed list of questions she had asked for, backed away from one: “Bruce there is no way I will be able to do an interview today as I’m away visiting family and wont be home till morning,” she wrote.

I responded a few minutes later: “When would you be able to do one? I’m tied up on Monday. Best time for me would be Tuesday morning.”

Collins responded within 15 minutes: “Tues I have to take my husband to Saint John for doctors appointments. Would Wednesday work for you?”

“Sure Wednesday morning would be good for me. Say 10 a.m.?” I responded.

Then, more than 24-hours later Collins sent this message:

“Bruce I’m not going to be available to do this interview with you as I’m tied up with a lot of things around here with my husband and as well we lost our home to a fire back in may and still trying to get everything finalized with that. And then trying to get out and meet people in the riding is a big thing as well. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

“That’s too bad Heather. I was looking forward to talking with you. And, sorry to hear about the fire. Please let me know if you change your mind.”

“Ok no worries Bruce, just have a lot on my plate right now and don’t want to get everything twisted. Our platform is very interesting and I will work very hard at getting the voices of the constituents heard in the legislature in Frederiction. That’s a promise to everyone.”

To read a transcript of our Facebook exchanges as well as the list of questions I sent Collins, click here.

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8 Responses to Setting the record straight: Why PA candidate refused to be interviewed

  1. Will says:

    The elite/Marxists in Sackville have bent over Heather’s sign on Main St exit ramp, previously they had destroyed the PPC sign. These are the tolerant Left we hear who love diversity…of thought… They’re not authoritarian at all, are pro free speech and don’t want us to all think the same way. It’s not a religion at all as religion has original sin such as inherent racism, white privilege and doomsday scenarios such as end of days climate disaster.

    • Kata List Productions says:

      Thanks Will. I always read the Wark Times and find your comments refreshingly real.

    • Wrayton says:

      It’s also pretty windy around here.

      • Marika says:

        And the wind only knocks down PA and PPC signs?
        Wind that carves a swastika on the PPC sign?

        I think that we’re talking a pretty left-leaning fascist wind.

        What it most likely was was illegal behaviour, not wind.

    • Faye Hicks says:

      Just to be fair, how do you know the political leanings of the vandals? It might just have easily been PC supporters who don’t like competition on the right.
      No question it is petty, and illegal, to vandalize signs like that. I am appalled that there are people in our wonderful little town that would do it. However, accusing a certain group of the act without proof or evidence is just as bad.
      Please everyone, no matter who you support, respect the right of others to have an opposing view. And please vote!

      • Kelly Alder says:

        I actually owned the Ultramar during the last federal election and the video cameras outside the store captured someone pulling over next to the political signs across from the store and removed one at 5 am, so wasn’t the wind then and assuming it likely wasn’t a party worker for the candidates sign that was removed.

  2. All signs are put up again. Thanks for the support I’m getting from the people I’ve been talking to.

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