Many speakers, many ideas during last week’s meeting on saving health services at Sackville Memorial Hospital

MLA Megan Mitton organized the meeting

More than 300 people attended last Wednesday’s public meeting at Mount Allison University’s Convocation Hall to discuss plans to fight cuts to medical services at Sackville Memorial Hospital.

Many people seemed eager to join in the discussion that followed presentations by Memramcook-Tantramar MLA Megan Mitton, Sackville Mayor John Higham and Fort Folly Chief Rebecca Knockwood.

Since there wasn’t room in my Warktimes report on the meeting to write about many of the interesting and insightful comments, I’ve edited my recording of the meeting to include highlights from the discussion. To listen just click on the play button on the media link below.

Aside from Mitton, Higham and Knockwood, the recording features the voices of such participants as Lori Ann Roness, Peter Edwards, Richard Elliot, Dr. Allison Dysart, Wayne Feindel, Pravin Varma, Joyce O’Neil, Laura Thurston, Elise Vaillancourt, Jan Hirtle, Dr. Ross Thomas and several others.

Laura Reinsborough served as the evening’s moderator.

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2 Responses to Many speakers, many ideas during last week’s meeting on saving health services at Sackville Memorial Hospital

  1. WG Macx MacNichol says:

    Unnecessary Healthcare Cuts 2020

    Below are my personal thoughts on this disgraceful money management situation and the Healthcare Crisis in New Brunswick:

    It appears that past and present provincial governments has more compassion for the residents of New Brunswick who owe over 2.8 billion of dollars ($2.8,000,000,000) to the Finance Department than they do for the children, weak, sick and disabled residents of New Brunswick. (Review 2019 Auditor General’s Reports, Volume III, Chapter 8, Accounts Receivable:

    Information from the Auditor General’s Office indicates the provincial government is owed 2.8 billion dollars, possibly more, to its Accounts Receivable. Those dollars are owed by delinquent residents who have failed to pay back taxes, fines or repay government loans and for other reasons, for many years.

    There is no excuse for the failure to collect delinquent accounts which has been going on for over 20 years by both the provincial Liberal and Conservative governments while honest compliant residents pay what they owe. Taking into consideration interest and penalties the amount of money owed grows larger everyday.

    It is felt that if the Premier (Past and Present) would use the same effort to collect the funds from delinquent accounts as he and others has in trying to find ways to cut healthcare services and staff there would be no need to cut funding to emergency services and other healthcare requirements.

    There are many ways to collect the money owed by delinquent taxpayers who are using the healthcare services without paying their fair share, leaving the rest of compliant residents to face cutbacks to services and higher costs, unncessarily.
    Mr. Higgs, why are you and the other MLAs not collecting monies owed to the Finance Department in a more expedient and competent manner before you cut services and staff that are required by the honest, hard working and compliant taxpayers of New Brunswick? Just imagine what collecting 10% per year or more of the 2.8 billion dollars owed could do in maintaining and improving New Brunswick’s Healthcare System and maybe help reduce the provincial debt.

    The money is already owed and available, the government just has to implement a policy of “Either pay it or we take it”.
    Should all residents stop paying their taxes? There appears to be no consequences except a reduction healthcare services which is already being considered but will be provided regardless. It’s time to start making the hard decisions, I am sure the compliant taxpayers of New Brunswick would support an active collection program if they were made aware that some of their friends, neighbours even relatives were not paying their taxes thus causing Healthcare Services and the Education System to deteriorate. ( I know names cannot be given out due to privacy concerns but by example if the information was put out that of the 300 people+ living in Dorchester there were 70 people who owed a total $50,000 in back taxes, would educate people why cuts are being made. Just image the reaction if the Provincial government were to publish such figures reference every community big and small in NB.

    It’s time for the members of the government and the opposition started to treat all New Brunswick taxpayers equally.

    Longtime card carrying Liberal

    P.S.: Before giving out anymore grants municipal administrations ask them to indicate how much they are owed to their Accounts receivable and then require them to implement a Collection Plan before a grant will be authorized. Then they will not have to ask the provincial government for so much money. Before any business or individual applies for government support of any kind do a check and see what they already owe the government and is paid before further assistance would be approved.
    Only takes a minute to verify what they do or do not owe to the Provincial Accounts receivable.


    WG Macx MacNichol
    Dorchester, NB
    379-2211 or 379-0678

  2. Macx MacNichol says:

    Note reference AG’s 2019 Report: Mr. Vickers (Unelected LIberal Leader), MLA Megan MItton, MLA David Coon, (Acting Leader of the opposition) Bernie Landry as well as the Premier have been made aware of the contents of the Auditor General’s 2019 Annual. Although as members of the legislature they should have reviewed such an important document as the AG’s Report a long time ago, now there is no doubt they should be aware of what the report contains. But yet ,no one of the legislature has spoken on the means to have funds available to help the residents of New Brunswick

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