Sackville council members Black & Butcher urge people to run in Nov. 28 municipal election

Allison Butcher & Andrew Black discussing Nov. 28 election at the Farmers Market

Deputy Mayor Andrew Black and Councillor Allison Butcher spent Saturday morning at the Sackville Farmers Market talking with a steady stream of people about the November 28 municipal elections.

“The province, in my opinion, has really done nothing to inform people that this process is happening,” Black told Warktimes, “and so, we wanted to set a table up to make people aware that there’s an election and please, please put your name in to offer for a council seat in the new Town of Tantramar.”

Both Black and Butcher say they fear the lack of information about the first election for the new municipality of Tantramar will lead to a low voter turnout and a lack of candidates.

“We’re wanting to make sure that people are aware, not only that the election is coming, but that the boundaries of our municipality have increased greatly,” Butcher said.

“We want to make sure that there are people running from all areas of our municipality because when January 1st happens, we’re hoping the new council will be able to hit the ground running,” she added.

The table that Black and Butcher set up displayed a map of the new municipality divided into five electoral wards that will elect one mayor and a total of eight councillors.

According to Elections NB, residents of each ward will vote for their own councillors, while everyone in Tantramar will vote for a new mayor. To view a map of each ward, click on its name and number.

Ward 1: includes the village of Dorchester and the areas around it. Voters there will elect one councillor to represent them on the new council.

Ward 2: includes the the communities of Westcock, British Settlement, Wood Point and Rockport. Voters there will elect one councillor.

Ward 3: includes Sackville and Middle Sackville. Voters there will elect four councillors.

Ward 4: includes the areas north of Silver Lake along Rte. 940 including Upper Sackville and Midgic. Voters there will elect one councillor.

Ward 5: includes Aulac, Mount Whatley and Point de Bute. Voters there will elect one councillor.

Sign at the table set up by Butcher & Black

Key dates

During their information session at the Farmers Market, Deputy Mayor Black and Councillor Butcher pointed out that nominations for those interested in running will open on Saturday, October 8th and close at 2 p.m. on Friday, October 28th.

For a list of key dates from Elections NB, click here.

Both Black and Butcher said they will likely run for the new council themselves, but that isn’t why they held Saturday’s information session.

“I think it’s important to get a council together, ready for January 1st when things start happening,” Black said.

“The next year, 2023, is going to be difficult, so to have a council that’s committed and interested in getting the ball rolling, I think is really important,” he added.

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  1. Lynda Marguerite Scott-Mills says:

    Just received a “NOT your Voter Information Card” since “Your community is NOT included in the local government elections taking place later this year.” I tried to call electionsNB but they didn’t answer and their mail box is full.

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