People’s Party candidate in Beauséjour says Canada’s future is at stake because of COVID ‘conspiracy’

Jack Minor in his vegetable garden at his home in Memramcook

Jack Minor’s face lights up when he’s asked to describe himself.

“Who am I?” the People’s Party candidate in Beauséjour asks with a chuckle before giving a concise, but comprehensive answer.

“I’m a carpenter, a pastor, a father, I have four children and I have grandchildren, I’m a gardener and a farmer, I am not a fisherman,” he adds with a laugh.

“But I love to act and I love to sing. I’m a performer.”

When asked why he decided to run in the 2021 federal election, Minor has a ready answer.

“I think this is an incredibly important election,” he says.

“The future of Canada, in my estimation, is on the line and there doesn’t seem to be another party besides the People’s Party of Canada that is taking a real stand against the globalist agenda, which I think is catastrophic.”

Minor argues that international institutions such as the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization along with individuals such as George Soros and Bill Gates are using “the so-called pandemic” and the COVID-19 vaccines to push their agenda.

“They’re about to achieve totalitarian, world government control and I know that sounds like a conspiracy theory, well I guess it is, but I think it’s a conspiracy fact that is relatively well established.”

Only one election issue

Minor says that local or regional concerns don’t matter in this election because there’s really only one issue.

“All of us across Canada are being equally oppressed with the vaccine mandate,” he says.

“The vaccine mandate is the number one issue for people. It creates an apartheid, a medical apartheid, it destroys our businesses and it’s based on really bad science, on faulty science.”

Minor contends that the vaccines are dangerous and unnecessary because the COVID virus is no more serious than a relatively mild cold.

“I’m not saying that there’s no virus. I’m saying it is not near as dangerous as it’s being marketed,” he says.

“It is nothing like it’s portrayed, the numbers are wildly exaggerated.”

Minor maintains that the test for COVID “is a worthless piece of crap,” and that hospitals are forcing doctors to declare deaths COVID-related when they’re not.

To make matters worse, the mainstream news media are peddling a constant stream of propaganda.

“That is a fascist agenda and the people of Canada cannot access the truth from our traditional media and that has never happened before in our history and it is the most critical factor in this election.”

He points to The Epoch Times as one example of a news outlet that does tell the truth.

When asked to explain in more detail how exaggerating the effects of the virus and pushing people to get vaccinated advances the “globalist” agenda, Minor replies that for one thing, it destroys or weakens national economies.

“It causes countries like Canada to go into outrageous debt; we’re over $1.3 trillion in debt now because of the pandemic, which makes us fragile and vulnerable to the world financial organizations.”

Official figures from Health Canada that Jack Minor says are wildly exaggerated

Knowing history

As the federal election campaign began in mid-August, Jack Minor wrote a four-page essay entitled: The Game’s Afoot. An encouragement to the Candidates of the PPC.

In it, he writes about the Acadians who gathered for their first national conference in Memramcook, near where he lives, on August 15, 1881 exactly 140 years before Justin Trudeau called the federal election.

Jack Minor campaign photo. Click photo for Minor’s PPC bio

Minor’s essay outlines Acadian history including their expulsion in 1755 and also describes the struggles of his Irish forbears to free themselves from British rule in the Easter Uprising of 1916.

He compares PPC candidates to the Irish militia then.

“There is little support for us. We are maligned on every side. We have no expectation of winning.”

But Minor notes that he and his follow candidates “have no moral option but to hurl ourselves against the barricades of globalism and their long range guns…

“I want to encourage you all and to remind you that ultimately it is the story itself, the tale of national courage that wins.

“And most importantly, I must insist that your particular part, within that story, needs to be ‘remembered’ and told, and perhaps even sung, over the flowing cups of future generations.”

This is the second in a series of reports on candidates in Beauséjour.

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9 Responses to People’s Party candidate in Beauséjour says Canada’s future is at stake because of COVID ‘conspiracy’

  1. Gordon says:

    When did this column become a platform for those running for political office? This post by this “guy” is blatantly a way for him to get free political exposure and should not be permitted to try to influence YOUR voting choice by spewing the crap above that I just read….when this “guy” looses this week then he can go straight to Texas or Florida and join the procession of bodies heading for the morgue because they “think” that vaccines are a conspiracy! By reading this sxxx I would surmise that this “guy” just migrated over to this forum from farcebook where he likley would find an audience for the misinformation that he wants to fatally spread among us all!

    • Jon says:

      Every candidate on the ballot is going to have an interview. It’s part of democracy that candidates’ platforms — no matter how infantile and idiotic — have a right to be seen by the public unless they advocate illegality.

      Obviously, this candidate’s nutty gumbo of vacuous conspiracy theories, fantasies, and miscellaneous gibberish isn’t going to earn him more than a handful of votes from a few people who are paranoid or who think that wearing a bit of cloth on their faces to protect neighbours from disease is a global totalitarian plot. One can only assume that they have no experience with real oppression, police states, fascism, or reality. But they still get to have their say, and get to have the electors of the riding of Beauséjour treat them, on polling day, with the indifference this sort of narcissistic toxic stupidity deserves.

  2. Robert Lapp says:

    I, for one, appreciate journalism that gives each candidate with the courage to stand for election an equal space to be heard so we all have a chance to judge and assess each of them on their own merits. Thanks for the fair and balanced coverage, Wark Times.

  3. Many of the policies of the PPC are taken from QAnon. Here is a good article on the forces behind it, and other conspiracy theories.

    “The ultimate goal, the shared project, as it were, is the destruction of the concept of liberal democracy,” said [James] Stewartson. “They think multiculturalism and all the ‘woke’, social justice warrior, racial inclusion is bad and they use racism and anti-Semitism to sell it.”

    I received the PPC information from our local candidate on my doorstep this week, including a newspaper called ‘Druthers’ that was filled with anti-vaccination propaganda.

    For more information on Jim Stewartson — he describes himself as an anti-disinformation activist

  4. Les Hicks says:

    The Epoch times is an ultra right wing publication directly associated with the Falun Gong ‘religion’. It promotes far-right politicians in Europe and has backed Donald Trump in the U.S.A. It spreads conspiracy theories such as QAnon and anti-vaccine misinformation. It has been called a ‘global-scale misinformation machine.’ Nothing more needs to be said about this source of the ‘truth’ that Mr. Minor relies on for the nonsense that he parrots. Thanks Bruce for interviewing all of the candidates running in our riding, including Mr. Minor, so that any voters not previously aware of this PPC candidate’s views can see for themselves just how irrational and out of touch with reality he is.

  5. Sally Cunliffe says:

    Thanks Bruce! Interesting information there… I voted in the advance polls for Shelly Mitchell.
    I do not support the Liberals agenda of spend spend spend and their constant fearmongering… the virus cv19 has killed 47 in New Brunswick’s population of 777,000 and I still don’t see justification for so much frenzy out there… what gives? Hopefully cool heads prevail. Robert from Dominic’s campaign office called me the other night and I expressed my concerns about his aggressive stance on mandating vaxx for all govt employees… he just said “You know Dominic will win right?”

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    Universities campuses drama over substance.
    Also, keep in mind that most universities started off as religiously affiliated institutions so they are simply going back to their original state of Tierney and drama.

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