Sackville installs new outdoor sculpture as town council seeks money for final phase of flood control project

The Chignecto Balance was created by an art studio in Vancouver

Sackville’s newest outdoor sculpture is now standing 15 feet tall beside the Lorne Street flood control pond ready to record the winds and divert the rain.

Installation of the $25,000 cattail weathervane, called The Chignecto Balance, coincides with town council’s renewed commitment at its meeting on Monday to seek federal and provincial funding for Phase III of the Lorne Street flood control project.

If the town’s application is successful, the $5.2 million third phase would include two additional retention ponds, one in the old Pickard quarry near Mount Allison University and another behind the community gardens.

Plans call for stormwater from all three ponds to be diverted through pipes and ditches across the industrial park for discharge at low tide into the Tantramar River via a new, double-hung aboiteau that the town is hoping the province will install beside its main sewage lagoons.

The town’s share of Phase III would be about $1.3 million.

One in 100 year storm

Town Engineer Dwayne Acton

During Monday’s council meeting, Town Engineer Dwayne Acton said the first two phases — installation of new stormwater pipes under Lorne Street and construction of the 40,000 cubic metre retention pond next to St. James — helped keep the town dry during several big storms.

But he cautioned that a third phase is still needed.

“I must say, we have not even seen anything close to the one-in-one-hundred year storm which the whole project was designed for,” Acton warned.

“We’re looking to complete the project with Phase III to ensure that the one-in-one-hundred year storm, we have the capacity to deal with that water when it comes, not if, but when it comes.”

CAO Jamie Burke echoed Acton’s warning.

“The retention pond on St. James Street only provides us with 40,000 cubic metres of storage,” Burke said. “We know that we’re 60,000 cubic metres short.”

He added it’s important for the town to seek the funds now for Phase III well in advance of the major sewage lagoon upgrades that will be required in the coming years.

“We need to strike while the iron’s hot,” Burke said. “The province has let us know that the money is there and they’re accepting applications, so hence that’s why we’ve tried to move this along as quickly as possible.”

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6 Responses to Sackville installs new outdoor sculpture as town council seeks money for final phase of flood control project

  1. Christian Corbet says:

    “Buy Local” the Town says and here they award $25,000 to a BC artist couple for this new “sculpture”. This is concerning given the fact that most of Sackville artists were not approached for this call for entry. Yet another communications gaff for Town Council.

    • Thaddeus Holownia ONB FRSC RCA says:

      I think you need to do your research a little more thoroughly before you start bad mouthing the town…Sackville Public Art RFP in July 2020 …it was well publicized and I am sure the jury had a difficult time deciding. Like all public commissions the taste of the jury will not always please everyone…but that’s life…the very fact that the town of Sackville has for a long time recognized the value of public art should be commended. Congrats Town of Sackville for your continued support of artistic endeavours throughout the community.

  2. Kata List Productions says:

    If its possible as well I’d like to see a plaque installed to John Higham The new park pond is a wonderful place to walk with the dogs.. I love the addition to our already incredible natural spaces! I will consider the place “Higham’s Pond” — as well as the new section with a bridge thanks to Rotary and a trail and additional forest trail on the Lund property I think the Town has done an amazing job creating a place that is the envy of the nation when it comes to liveability. I do agree with Christian Corbet a very talented local that we should have made this a locals-only project… it only makes sense to support our own people and their artistic work.. I don’t believe he was bad-mouthing anyone just stating a very sensible and thoughtful attitude to locals – just my opinion though.

    • Thaddeus Holownia ONB FRSC RCA says:

      Just because Mr. Corbet is a very talented local “we should have made it a locals – only project”….bizarre idea….he missed the call ….period……. just my opinion though.

  3. Azi says:

    In many cities and towns around the world there will be an exhibition to show the participants’ presentations/designs and in most that I have seen, the exhibition shows the process involved in the selection. This is both informative and entertaining for the public specially in this case where Taxpayers’ money has been used.
    I am sure such an exhibition will help with restoring trust and confusions too.

  4. Phyllis Anne Wheaton says:

    for the “next ” time town wants Art done,,can Town deliver notices to everyone within lets say , Westmorland area first! let them know via flyers in the mail. notices on the civic center board, or another way. soo many local talent that could have used tax payers $. thanks!

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