Sackville Town Council approves fence to hide ‘ugly stuff’ beside new flood control pond

New Lorne St. flood control pond viewed from walking trail

Sackville Town Council has voted to install a chain link “privacy” fence along the walking trail that runs between St. James and Crescent Streets on the western side of the new Lorne Street floodwater retention pond.

At its meeting last week, council awarded a $28,360 contract to Eastern Fence, a company with offices in Moncton.

Town engineer Dwayne Acton explained that black plastic will be woven between the fence links to form a visual and physical barrier between the walking trail and the debris-filled backyards of businesses on Lorne Street.

He said everyone agreed something needed to be done to hide the debris and besides, the businesses were complaining that the walking trail gives people easy access to their properties.

“There’s been a number of thefts of wheels, steel, aluminum, you name it, in the back of those facilities,” Acton said, adding that a chain link fence would deter this from happening.

One view from walking trail

Councillor Bill Evans heartily welcomed installing a privacy fence.

“Most people are thrilled with the fact that it’s a park and they’re enjoying the waterfowl and the wildlife that’s there,” Evans said. “The only negative comments are, ‘Can’t you do something about that ugly stuff?'”

Councillor Michael Tower agreed.

“It’s pretty darned ugly…walking by there,” he said, adding that when he showed the new pond to a couple from Brandon, Manitoba they were “super impressed,” but asked, “Why haven’t you done anything about that?” referring to the junk beside the trail.

Both Tower and Evans disagreed with Councillor Bruce Phinney who voted against awarding the fence contract partly on the grounds that the businesses on Lorne Street should pay at least some of its cost.

Evans said the town provides services that benefit everyone and that everyone pays for them while Tower referred to the fact that the federal and provincial governments are contributing three-quarters of the cost under the terms of Phase II of the Lorne Street flood control project.

Another view from walking trail

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  1. Maybe they could do a wooden fence with an art wall murals and designs on it .. enjoy art on your walk along the path .. just a thought.. wood is nice… also art is nice .. that’s a culture jam.. eh?

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