No objections at public hearing to small Sackville pot grow-op

Planner Tracey Wade

Sackville moved a step closer to getting its first legal marijuana growing operation last week when town council held a formal public hearing on a proposal to set up a 2,150 square-foot cannabis greenhouse off Main Street near School Lane in Middle Sackville.

No one appeared before council to speak for or against the proposal put forward by Sackville residents Danny Fillmore and Sari Weinberg.

The couple have applied for permission to grow organic cannabis under a federal licence on agricultural land at the rear of their property.

Planner Tracey Wade told council that at a meeting last month, the Southeast Planning Review and Adjustment Committee (PRAC) passed a recommendation that Sackville change its zoning bylaw to permit such small-scale cannabis cultivation in areas that are zoned as agricultural/conservation.

“Cannabis cultivation generally is considered to be similar to the growing of other crops,” Wade told council. “It’s a growing of a product for human consumption, so it’s really hard to distinguish it between corn or other things.”

Wade added that the micro-cultivation of cannabis in a greenhouse with a 200 square-metre growing area would have a similar impact as a dairy barn whereas larger-scale or “standard” cultivation would not be appropriate in an agricultural zone.

“Standard cultivation, given that there’s no limit to size, the recommendation from staff is that it’s still considered more appropriate to be set up in an industrial zone,” she said.

Danny Fillmore and Sari Weinberg have applied for town approval to set up a marijuana growing greenhouse behind their home in Middle Sackville

In answer to a question from Councillor Shawn Mesheau, Wade acknowledged that one member of PRAC from the Cap-Pelé area voted against recommending a change in the zoning bylaw.

“I don’t even think it’s a formal application yet, but there’s talk about one of the largest outdoor cannabis growing operations being set up near Cap-Pelé, it’s a very sensitive topic,” Wade said. “We kept having to steer the discussion back to the issue of micro-cultivation in one specific zone,” she added.

Mesheau asked if there had been any concern about issues such as odour.

“The discussion was about that but again, the comparisons that were being made were some of the major operations in Quebec where there have been a lot of complaints,” Wade answered. “Again this is a micro [operation], so it’s limited in size and scope.”

According to Global TV News and the French-language newspaper L’Acadie Nouvelle, the Moncton-based company Solargram Farms is proposing to establish an open-air marijuana grow-op on 65-acres of land near Cap-Pelé.

Meantime, Sackville Town Council is expected to give first reading or approval-in-principle to the zoning change at its meeting next month with final approval likely in August.

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Vote on deputy mayor

Town council held its annual election for deputy mayor last week. Bruce Phinney nominated Shawn Mesheau for the post, while Joyce O’Neil nominated Ron Aiken, who has held the position for the past year.

In a show of hands, Mesheau received two votes, his and Phinney’s, while the other councillors voted for Aiken who will continue to serve as deputy mayor until the municipal election next year.

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3 Responses to No objections at public hearing to small Sackville pot grow-op

  1. Louis says:

    It’s very nice to see a pro-business proposal that will lead to economic development NOT be objected to!

    All the best for their venture to Weinberg and Fillmore.

    • Soma pills for all Louis… Soma pills for all … Weinberg knows how to shake the money tree .. doesn’t she? Its hard for the police to do their anti-drug campaigning for safety and youth wellness when all the so-called adults around here are in the Timothy Leary mode of tuning out…

  2. Rima Azar says:

    Yes, it is nice to see our town doing something good for the economy!

    I understand your concern Sally… I guess substances would have been (and would still be?) readily available in different ways.

    The article mentions the smell. Louis is someone who likes this particular smell, even without consuming it. I don’t like the smell, I admit it. I will shock our Green Sackville citizens by sharing a little (silly?) taste I had when I was a child: The smell of gas used to turn my brain on to the point of dreaming to work at a gas station or… even fantasizing about a perfume based on this smell 😊. I still prefer gas odour to marijuana smell.

    Sometimes, we smell things and yet we do not feel the urge to try them… Like in Amsterdam with cannabis or another time in Scotland touring the magnificent Highlands, learning about whisky, AND… not tasting the latter. I recall flying from there to Beirut to see my family. My sister and brother-in-law asked me: “So, did you enjoy whisky, Rima”? When they learned that neither Louis nor I drank a drop of whisky on a trip to Scotland, their view of us was confirmed: BORING!! I guess I prefer my ice cream 😊.

    This being said, yes best wishes to Danny Fillmore and Sari Weinberg!

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