More pavement, fewer trees around luxury downtown apartments

Information compiled by Sackville resident Sharon Hicks and confirmed by town planner Lori Bickford shows the proposed luxury apartment building in the heart of downtown would have fewer trees around it and more above-ground parking behind it than I have previously reported.

The V-shaped building would be constructed in an area that now has a number of birch trees on it and it appears from the site plan that there would not be much space to plant replacements.

As the diagram below shows, the land that would need to be rezoned to permit the high-density residential development is large enough to contain about half of the new building overlooking Main Street plus a fairly large area around it. Previous reporting indicated that rezoning would be required on a much smaller parcel.

Rezoning area outlined in red includes at least half of the proposed new V-shaped apartment building next to the Monuments area. Additional above-ground parking is proposed in the yellowed area behind the building. Entrance to the underground parking is indicated by arrows at the top centre — diagram courtesy of Sharon Hicks. (click to enlarge)

According to Lori Bickford, JN Lafford Realty Inc. is now proposing to construct a three-storey, peaked-roof building with up to 36, two-bedroom apartments. She says plans call for six, 960-square foot units with the remainder between 1100 and 1300 square feet. The building would cater to well-off tenants over 55. The number of apartments will depend on how much underground parking the Laffords can build on the site, which is part of the former Sackville United Church property.

The building would border on the Monuments property leased to the town by the Laffords. It would also be closer to Main Street than previously reported with one end of it approximately 33 feet from the paved part of the street. Bickford explained that town bylaws require downtown buildings to be fairly close to the street.

Current plans call for the building to be 30 feet from the property line of the old Methodist cemetery and about 55 feet from the nearest grave.

Approval process

In April, Sackville Town Council approved a resolution calling for a public hearing on the proposal. That hearing is set for tomorrow, Tuesday, May 15 at 7 p.m.

In order for the rezoning to be approved, it would need to pass three readings during at least two separate council meetings.

It remains to be seen whether council will consider first reading after tomorrow’s public hearing or whether the rezoning application will be put off until later.

Diagram showing traffic flows in the parking lots off York and Main Streets — courtesy Sharon Hicks

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3 Responses to More pavement, fewer trees around luxury downtown apartments

  1. tuxemal says:

    Please keep in mind that there will be a building placed there whether the rezoning for the adjoining parcel goes through or not.
    Also there are regulations around parking that the developer has to meet based on the municipal planning act. The planning commission provides a report to council with their blessing or not based on the planning act requirements. It is also up to the planning commission to ensure that once the development is finished that the developer continues to comply with what was approved. The existing parking flow and number of spaces would have been approved by the planning commission. As would be the case with the current proposal.
    Can you publish that information along with exactly how many trees would be removed and how many trees would be added.


  2. Too opset says:

    What is the defenition of “luxury apartment”? Are these apartments luxury because their rent is set so high? I am wondering how the proposed apartment can be considered luxury in a parking and cemetery setting (after those trees are gone) with view of a brick building full of efflorescence.


  3. No.

    I didn’t like the idea before and I really don’t like it now. It removes too much of the nicer part of downtown to fit their “luxury” apartments.

    Sackville might need more apartments, but luxury ones are NOT needed, by a longshot.

    Look at the shaded area; that area is where a lot of people go for pictures because of the birch trees and the hill; the entire setting is peaceful and just an overall amazing greenspace.

    All that would be ruined by the rezoned area for an apartment building.


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