Sackville town councillors may not vote tonight on Energy East pipeline after all

From Alberta to New Brunswick: route of the Energy East pipeline

From Alberta to New Brunswick: route of the Energy East pipeline

Several Mount Allison students say they’re disappointed that Sackville town council may not vote tonight to oppose the $15.7 billion Energy East pipeline.

Councillor Bill Evans circulated a draft motion earlier this month calling on the federal government to “protect the health and safety of our communities by denying approval for the Energy East pipeline.”

It now appears that a majority of councillors aren’t willing to support such a motion without hearing first from the backers of the pipeline. (Deputy Mayor Joyce O’Neil suggested hearing from “the other side” at council’s last meeting on December 5th.)

The students, who are members of the group Sackville, No Energy East, made their own presentation to council more than a month ago.

“The Energy East pipeline will lead to a 40 per cent increase in tar sands production directly contributing to climate change, which as we all know here in Sackville, contributes directly to increased storm surge and more frequent flooding,” student spokesman Will Balser told council on November 7th.

But today, in an e-mail to Warktimes, the students said they agree with Bill Evans that it may be better not to move the motion tonight rather than have it defeated by a majority of councillors.

The students, who are enrolled in an environmental activism course, say they may ask to make another presentation in the new year.

“This way we could come back to council with more facts and stronger arguments to get them to vote against the pipeline,” their e-mail says.

For his part, Councillor Evans says he’s received information from Energy East that may have also been sent to his colleagues on council.

He says the material talks about jobs and energy self-sufficiency, but does not address the crucial issue of climate change.

“When you say you haven’t heard from the other side,” Evans adds, “it just means that you’re not aware of the propaganda that’s out there.”

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3 Responses to Sackville town councillors may not vote tonight on Energy East pipeline after all

  1. Louis says:

    A complete waste of time re: an issue over which Council has no power.
    Council should focus on things that they can actually influence.

  2. Shawn Mesheau says:

    It is nice to see council wants to put the brakes on prior to taking a stand on the Energy East Pipe line.
    Councillor Evans has always been quick to bring to the table and vote on items he is in support of without taking the proper steps to ensure all are heard.
    I have seen this first hand as a member of council from 2012-2016 with Councillor Evans.
    It would be interesting to understand how much our national economy depends on the economics of Alberta.
    We here in Sackville have benefitted from federal funding on several occasions most recently the Lorne Street project. Would that money be available if it were not for the injection the Alberta tar sands has on the economy which the nation benefits from through taxation.
    As well how many local residents are working in the tar sands. Folks who have had to find work out of province yet are still contributing to the local tax base by maintaining properties in town or having their loved ones still keeping the home fires burning as they work away from home.
    Councillor Evans, other then taking jabs at big corporations, has provided no insight as to what he feels our governments could be doing to boost the economy. It is so easy to say NO! and very difficult to find alternatives to ensuring our economy thrives.
    I support a diverse economy and I am not indicating we don’t have to make changes to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, however, Councillor Evans needs to step back and provide some insight as to a economy without the jobs that go with the production of fossil fuels and what it means to our nation and community.
    Certain sectors in our community live a sheltered life with no understanding of all the moving parts of our economy and environment. It is that sector that feels the need to not approve drive-thrus and economic opportunity that do not meet its own agenda as opposed to finding compromise and a means to better prepare us for the future.
    Our MP was a big supporter of seeing Sackville benefit from the funding for Lorne Street and he supports pipe lines as the right hand man to the Prime Minister. Councillor Evans may want to ensure prior to sending the wrong message what effect it could have on our small community.

  3. Percy Best says:

    A Town Council majority vote opposing the strong economic wishes of our Provincial Government for the Energy East Pipeline is a vote for retaliatory action by Fredericton against the Town of Sackville and it’s people. This is NOT representative of the thoughts and requests of the general public but is the one sided wish initiated by a few University students and carried out by a Town Councillor with seemingly very influential powers within Council. Will the resulting whiplash from Fredericton, as a result of this, affect the viability of the Sackville Hospital for instance or will it be something even worse?

    It is a darn shame that all that expended negative energy could not be directed towards FINALLY seriously supporting Economic Development here in Sackville or is that just to big a challenge for them? I would imagine that it is certainly a lot easier to just talk, and talk, and talk some more, and then vote to keep such a huge pipeline project away on the other side of the Province and then be the only municipality to write a negative letter to our Federal Government and undermine the efforts of our Provincial purse string holders. It is no wonder why this Town of almost 6000 people has seen only two new homes built this year.

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