CICR violates election ad rules

CICR-sign1-204x3002A spokesman for Scott Armstrong says the federal Conservative candidate will ask CICR-FM, Parrsboro’s community radio station, to stop airing paid announcements that advertise Armstrong’s toll-free constituency number.

The ads, which have aired several times since the federal election campaign began, violate election rules.

Chris Guinan, who speaks for Armstrong, said the candidate wasn’t aware the ads were still running.

“We’ll have them taken down,” Guinan told warktimes.

The ads identify Armstrong as a Member of Parliament even though he officially stopped being the MP for Cumberland-Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley on Sunday when the election writ was issued and the House of Commons was dissolved.  A research publication from the Library of Parliament explains that “after dissolution, and the issue of writs for a general election, there are legally no Members of the House of Commons.”

During election campaigns therefore, candidates are not supposed to refer to themselves as MPs or advertise their constituency services.

No one at the radio station was answering the phones or responding to phone messages today.

Here’s the text of the ad that CICR was running:

Hello I’m Scott Armstrong your Member of Parliament for the riding of Cumberland-Colchester and the Musquodoboit Valley. I strongly support Parrsboro Community Radio at 99.1 FM. Please feel free to contact me with any issue you may have of concern. You can reach me toll free at 1-888-752-0552. That’s 1-888-752-0552. Scott Armstrong, Member of Parliament.

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