Things looking up for Cross Roads Co-op, members told

Co-op AGM

L-R Michael Hunter, auditor; Rob Flecknell, manager; Merton Kay, chair; Paula Bowden, secretary

Parrsboro’s Cross Roads Co-op generated a small financial surplus of just over $33 thousand last year for the first time since the grocery store underwent major renovations five years ago.

“The last year was an extremely rewarding year for us,” store manager Rob Flecknell told the 40 members who attended the Co-op’s annual general meeting tonight at the Parrsboro Lions Den.

“Everything fell into place,” he added, pointing out that sales rose seven to nine per cent while expenses fell, partly because store staff shared duties and engaged in multi-tasking.

“It’s a huge feat for us,” Flecknell said later during an interview. “It shows progress and it shows that we’re going in the right direction.”

Auditor Michael Hunter reported that the store’s sales last year exceeded $4.8 million compared to sales in the previous year of just over $4.4 million.

Ongoing talks with Sobeys

Flecknell said the Co-op is continuing to negotiate a supply agreement with Sobeys after the store’s main supplier, Co-op Atlantic, decided to get out of the grocery business earlier this year.

He said he couldn’t say how long the negotiations might take, but suggested an agreement could be reached within weeks. In the meantime, some Sobeys products are already on the Co-op’s shelves to replace products that are no longer available.

Flecknell assured members, however, that the store will continue to sell local products even if Sobeys becomes its main supplier.

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  1. its about time you did something with the parking lot before someone sues you. I saw another woman upset her cart when it got stuck in a pothole . I almost fell over my cart doing the same thing. Jo-anne Allen.

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