Town will accept construction debris in spring cleanup

Town will collect household debris in spring cleanup

Town will collect household debris in spring cleanup

Parrsboro is changing the rules to allow residents to dispose of construction and demolition debris during this year’s spring cleanup being held from May 19 to May 21.

At its meeting last night, Town Council added doors, windows, siding, flooring, lumber, drywall and toilets etc. to the list of items that can be placed at curbside for the annual pickup.

“If you’ve got a water leak in your house and you need to tear the walls apart or you have a little bit of insulation, you need to be able to get rid of it,” said Deputy Mayor Lisa Ward who moved the motion to allow the pickup of construction and demolition debris.

“We’re dealing with unsightly premises and we want people to keep their yards looking prime, the best, and you have to allow the opportunity for them to dispose of this material,” Ward added.

However, there will be certain limitations. The waste must be in a single pile, no larger than eight feet, by four feet, by four feet.

“You can’t tear down a barn and put it out at the curbside,” Ward said. But she added that it’s still a fairly large pile of waste.

“If you’ve got two bathrooms in your household and you need to redo your bathrooms  and you’ve got a couple of toilets and you’ve got vanities you need to get rid of, things like that, it’s the opportunity for people to be able to get rid of it and I’m so pleased that this has passed and it’s going to take place,” Ward said.

She pointed out that the town flyer advertising spring cleanup is now outdated and the town will post the revised information on its website and Facebook page.

Council also directed the Town Clerk to find out from other municipalities in Cumberland Co. the number of items they accept for spring cleanup to see whether Parrsboro should expand the number it collects. For example, Parrsboro will not pick up more than one of each large appliance such as refrigerators or stoves and there are similar limitations on furniture and mattresses etc.

Councillor Fancy to step down

Town Clerk Ray Hickey read a brief letter of resignation from Councillor Rob Fancy who did not attend last night’s meeting. The letter said Fancy will resign his seat effective May 29. The letter gave no reason for his resignation.
When asked why Fancy had decided to step down, Hickey said the councillor would be pursuing other interests and that it was a personal choice.

No one on council expressed regrets, but the deputy mayor did say she thought lots of people will probably run in the by-election. Mayor Lois Smith said council will be happy to work with whomever gets elected.

There are 18 months left in Fancy’s term. Under provincial legislation, the vacancy must be filled by Sept. 11.

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2 Responses to Town will accept construction debris in spring cleanup

  1. Doug Forbes says:

    So as expressed in the notes above “no one expressed regrets on Fancy’s resignation” as a sigh of relief that he’s gone or were the facts laid that way to paint a picture that perhaps Fancys exit was because he fought for the Towns citizens but met with opposition at every turn. We may never know

    • brucewark says:

      Hi Doug: Thanks for your comment. I’ve covered politics at all levels for many years and when someone steps down in a situation like this, it’s customary for a leader to express regrets, thank the person for his/her public service and wish them well. At the federal level, the prime minister would do it; at the provincial level, it would be the premier and at the municipal level it would be the mayor or deputy mayor. In this case, I thought it was interesting that no one said anything. It could just have been an oversight, I suppose.

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