Janet Hammock letter to Mayor Higham

Here is the Janet Hammock letter as read by Mayor Higham at the July 4, 2016 Town Council meeting:

Letter read by Mayor Higham at July 4, Town Council meeting.

Dear Mayor John,

I am supportive of small business initiative and development in Sackville. In particular, I would like to see more business development, apart from the industrial park in my area, — I live down by Bridge St. on Devon Ave. — that will pull people into Sackville from the Trans Canada and which will bring others in Sackville to our area to shop or to enjoy a restaurant meal.

When Borden’s restaurant closed, I was very sad about that and I have looked forward to another restaurant opening in this part of Sackville. I was also sad when ideas for making a park at the old bridge at the end of Bridge St. did not materialize. Much could be done to improve and upgrade this part of Sackville and I’d like to see Council take a serious look at how this might be done.

I patronize the Ultramar gas bar because it is close to me and I see that many others come off the highway to get gas and perhaps a bottle of pop or chips or candy for the road. I can understand that the owner wishes to capitalize on her successful business and offer customers a place where good doughnuts and coffee is available such as a Robin’s Donuts.

A doughnut restaurant in this end of town would be great, but I am 100 per cent against another drive-in. We’re trying hard here in Sackville to set an example for those who visit, showing ourselves as a place where people care about the environment and quality of the air. As a long-time resident, I care about the health of our elderly and our youth and I’m glad that we have a bylaw in place now that prevents further drive-ins from being built.

I suggest that the owner be encouraged by the town to build onto her establishment for the Robin’s Donut franchise or to turn over a portion of the building already there for that purpose or perhaps both. There’s no reason that those who want a cup of coffee cannot park their car or truck and walk a few steps in to enjoy a coffee and doughnut or to take out. This is done in many other gas outlets and I would like to see that approach here.

Please do not change the law in Sackville to allow more drive-ins.


Janet Hammock.