Anna Zappia Mann Comments, July 11, 2016

Anna Zappia Mann: “After all the discussion and not being here July 4th in support of Wendy, I wonder if anybody understands what message was sent July 4th to the entire business community because declining Ultramar’s effort to expand sent a wave of message to all of us that have been plugging it here for some of us…I have 29 years behind me and I’m fearful of the message when someone is looking to put their hard-earned dollars to expand their business and perhaps provide other employment that there was not a way to find a way to help these people do that. So, my question is we can say we are supportive of small business and we can do something entirely different and the vote, by particularly the new councillors, emissions yes and yes it has to be in our conscious and yes the future does, but there is no future if there’s no employment today and there is no future if people like Wendy and her husband and her family are not supported. So we need to find a way at the Planning Commission perhaps, to find a way to support small business because you’re saying it, but you’re not doing it. I was not here in support of Wendy July 4th. I really thought it should have been a walk in the park and 504 to the demise of your downtown core, we’ve survived it and now someone is on the other end looking to survive it also…Are you aware of the ripple effect you have sent to the hardworking businesspeople of this town. John, are you aware? I’m irate…”

“Right now, today, this small business needed all of you and you disappeared because it got a little icky. We survived Wendy’s, there’s two plots of land available at the town, deal with it then. But we whitewashed it and these people are suffering and the spirit in our town is suffering. I’ll leave that with you. These people need help. So if you’re going to support us, get in, get on because all the environment in the world and all the trees in the world are not going to help us today and we won’t get to tomorrow without it. I’ll leave that with you.” (second round of applause)